Astrology Moon Sign Interpretations


When it comes to astrology moon sign interpretations, the moon tells us about our emotional nature.  Therefore, the moon will exaggerate the emotional nature of the sign it is in.  For example, a moon in Aries could indicate rapidly changing emotions, because we are blending impatient and impulsive Aries with the emotional moon. Whereas moon in Scorpio will further exaggerate the emotional nature of a Scorpio, making their particular emotions deep, or even explosive.  When interpreting a birth chart, the moon sign is one of the most important things to consider.  This is because it can give you insight into how a person typically feels.  In general, most people are resistant to show their true emotions, and instead show the type of personality their ascendant dictates.  Did you know that the ascendent in a natal chart shows how people want them to see them? To fully understand someone, you need insight into their personality on many levels.  Such as how they are on the outside, and inside.  The moon, sun, ascendant and planets help you do this.

astrology moon sign interpretations

Birth Chart Moon Sign Interpretations

Check out your astrology moon sign interpretations below.  We have provided moon sign readings for each of the 12 zodiac signs.  You may also be interested to know about planet in sign, and planet in house interpretations.  Or if you are more advanced, then planatary aspects may be your thing.

Moon in Aries Interpretation

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Moon in Cancer Interpretation

Moon in Leo Interpretation

Moon in Virgo Interpretation

Moon in Libra Interpretation

Moon in Scorpio Interpretation

Moon in Sagittarius Interpretation

Moon in Capricorn Interpretation

Moon in Aquarius Interpretation

Moon in Pisces Interpretation

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