Astrological Birth Chart Aspects


Below are astrology birth chart aspects for all the planets. Aspects are the angles between planets, or between planets and particular points in a natal chart. In general, aspects give you a clue as to what positive and negative traits a person may have. It is worth mentioning that there are no ideal aspects. You may assume aspects like squares are bad. But sometimes people who are born with so called negative traits become very successful because of them, as it gives them drive to try and overcome challenges. Or someone might have had a bad childhood. But just because a person has a bad start in life, it does not mean it they have to have a bad ending!

Aspects are a good way to weigh up a person’s character, the challenges they face, and abilities they may have.  The birth chart below shows an example of the type of aspects available in astrology.  You will notice that aspects can be in the range of 1 sign apart, up to 6 signs apart.  Learn all about different aspects here, and how many degrees apart they are.

astrology birth chart aspects

Astrology Birth Chart Aspects

Below are links to different pages containing aspects for the Sun and Planets.  Such aspects inculde trines, square and conjunctions.  You may also be interested in planets in houses, and planets in signs interpretations.

Sun birth chart aspects

Mercury birth chart aspects

Venus birth chart aspects

Mars birth chart aspects

Jupiter birth chart aspects

Saturn birth chart aspects

Uranus birth chart aspects

Pluto birth chart aspects

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