Natal Chart Planet in Sign Interpretations


Having trouble with planet in sign interpretations? To be honest, most people do. This is why I created this detailed page explaining the logic behind these types of interpretation. I have also provided links for all planet in sign interpretations.

Just like each sign of the Zodiac, planets each have their own unique characteristics, which can be summarised by keywords. For example, Mercury represents things like communication, knowledge and the mind. And Scorpio represents things like the unknown, mystery, psychology, occults and extremes. So, how would you go about interpreting Mercury in Scorpio then? Well, you could say that the person may have a deep interest in the occults, such as tarot and astrology. Or they may be natural phycologists.  It is worth noting that zodiac signs and planets have many keywords which describe them.  Once you remember all these keywords, then things become easier.  Follow some of the advice below to know roughly how you might pair up certain keywords.


This is the most common planet that is interpreted.  The sign that the Sun is in will be the persons Zodiac sign.  It is also known as a sun or star sign.


The Moon represents a person’s emotions.  However, the Moon within a natal chart sign shows how that person expresses that emotion.  This is known as a moon sign.


Venus represents love and friendships.  But Venus within a natal chart sign shows how a person typically meets new friends and lovers.


Mars represents sexual and aggression traits.  So, Mars within a natal chart sign will show how a person expresses those aggressive and sexual feelings.


Jupiter represents religion, education and travel.  Therefore, look for the sign Jupiter is in to know more about these.


Saturn represents things like career’s and restrictions.  Look for the natal chart sign Saturn is in to determine clues to the type of career they have, and what things may restrict them in life.


Uranus represents things like technology, erratic behaviour and spontaneous events.  These traits will impact whatever natal chart sign Uranus falls in.


Neptune represents traits such as the unknown, escapism, art and compassion.  Neptune in signs can be somewhat tricky to analyse as it can have very different interpretations.  The type of sign can change your interpretations dramatically when it comes to Neptune.


Represents things such as taboo, dark emotions, extremes and the past.  These traits are heightened for whatever sign Pluto is in.

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