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Everything You Need To Know About Astrology

Welcome to the JKS Astrology Blog.  Here you can learn about astrology, from beginner to advanced.  After reading some of my astrology step-by-step guides, you should be able to interpret your own natal and horoscope charts.  We also provide interpretations of the houses, planets and aspects.

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Astrology Introduction

  • Basics of astrology
  • Astrological Symbols
  • Astrology history
  • What astrology is about

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Chart Interpretations

  • Ascendant & Planet in Sign Interpretations
  • Planet in House Interpretations
  • Sun & Moon Sign Interpretations
  • Aspect Interpretations

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Natal Astrology Lessons

  • Free natal astrology lessons
  • Basics of natal astrology
  • Natal astrology techniques
  • Natal astrology accuracy

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Predictive Astrology

  • Basics of predictive astrology
  • Interpreting horoscope charts
  • Predictive astrology techniques
  • Predictive astrology accuracy

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Star Sign Astrology

  • What star signs are
  • Star sign meanings
  • Star sign compatibility
  • Star sign accuracy

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Horary Astrology

  • Basics of horary astrology
  • Interpreting horary charts
  • Horary astrology techniques
  • History of horary astrology

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Tarot and Psychics

  • Basics of tarot
  • History of tarot
  • Tarot interpretation
  • Tarot card decks

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Universe Mysteries & Facts

  • Interesting facts about space and nature
  • Wonders of the universe
  • Curious Questions
  • Scientific mysteries

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Vedic Astrology

  • Basics of vedic astrology
  • Interpreting vedic charts
  • Vedic astrology techniques
  • History of vedic astrology

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Astrology Pub Quiz

  • Test your astrology knowledge
  • Different astrology topics
  • Desktop and mobile friendly quiz
  • Can you beat your friends?

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Free Natal Chart Calculator

  • Calculate your planets in signs
  • Calculate your planets in houses
  • Calculate your Black moon position
  • Calculate your north/true node

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