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Planets in houses interpretations can be confusing.  Which is why I decided to write this detailed article on how to interpret them.  Plus I have provided links to all the planets in houses interpretations you need.  But first I will show you a simple method to interpret planets in houses. It is important to realise that the Sun, Moon and Planets have their own unique properties, which can be summarised by certain keywords. The houses also have keywords associated with them too. Such interpretations are about blending the keywords for the planet with keywords from the house.

For example, Venus represents things like love and relationships. House 11 represents things like friends, originality, clubs and social groups. So, can you guess how Venus in the 11th house may be interpreted? Well, you could say that the person typically finds love through clubs and social groups. Or they like partners who are original or unconventional in some way. Please remember that there are many keywords associated with different planets and houses. And there are many different ways to interpret planets and houses.  The skill is knowing the most appropriate keywords to match up.  Below are clues to show how the Sun, Moon and Planets would be interpreted for a natal chart.


The Sun represents general personality.  But the Sun within a natal chart house gives insight into that person’s life path.


The Moon represents a person’s emotions.  However, the Moon within a natal chart house shows how that person expresses that emotion.


Venus represents love and friendships.  But Venus within a natal chart house shows how a person typically meets new friends and lovers.


Mars represents sexual and aggression traits.  So, Mars within a natal chart house will show how a person expresses those aggressive and sexual feelings.


Jupiter represents religion, education and travel.  Therefore, look for the house Jupiter is in to know more about these.


Saturn represents setbacks and obstacles.  Look for the natal chart house Saturn is in to determine what is holding the person back in life, or potential challenges they face.


Uranus represents things like technology, erratic behaviour and spontaneous events.  These traits will impact whatever natal chart house Uranus falls in.


Neptune represents traits such as the unknown, escapism, art and compassion.  Neptune in houses can be somewhat tricky to analyse as it can have very different interpretations.  The type of house can change your interpretations dramatically when it comes to Neptune.


Represents things such as taboo, dark emotions, extremes and the past.  These traits are heightened for whatever house Pluto is in.

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