Moon in Leo Interpretation

A typical moon in Leo is an ambitious, enthusiastic, kind, and generous person who is popular and sociable.  You love to be the center of attention; however, be careful you don’t come across as being a show-off or arrogant.  When you are the center of attention, you are good at timing your jokes well to make others laugh.

Your natural bossiness makes you good at leading.  If you encounter opposition from people, you are overly dramatic and prone to sulking.  But you do this away from public view.  Social status is important to you.  You are proud of your mother, or she may be very proud of you.  You likely have a particular love of children.

Moon in Leo

What is A Moon Sign?

You are probably wondering how a moon sign is different to a star sign.  A star sign represents where abouts the sun was at the moment of birth.  And a moon sign is where abouts the moon was at the moment of birth.  The sun, moon and planets all travel through an imaginary path in the sky called the ecliptic.  The ecliptic is where the 12 zodiac signs are.  There is nothing special about zodiac signs, they are simply regions in the sky known as constellations.  There are actually 88 constellations in total.  The only reason why the zodiac signs where chosen is because they can be used to describe where in the sky the sun, moon or planets are at a given time.  So, anyone with a Leo moon sign, had the moon in the constellation Leo during their birth.  Moon signs in general help to describe a person’s emotional side.

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