Moon in Pisces Interpretation

If you are a typical moon in Pisces, you are a soft-hearted person who genuinely cares about others.  Being extremely sensitive, you can be easily hurt by rejection, insults, and criticism of others.  School may have been difficult for you due to your extreme sensitivity.  As soon as you feel unappreciated by people, you tend to retreat into a fantasy world that may be hard to let go.

You are very loyal to your friends who appreciate your silly sense of humour.  You are very romantic and never forget a gift on Valentine’s Day or someone’s birthday.

It is likely you are talented at writing, music, or art.

Moon in Pisces

What is A Moon Sign?

To understand moon signs, you first need a basic understanding of the zodiac and what it really means.  Zodiac signs are regions in the sky known as constellations.  There are 88 constellations in total, which were used by our ancestors to navigate the land and seas.  Only 12 constellations are used for astrology.  Why I hear you ask?  Well, its because the sun, moon and planets appear to travel through those signs when observing from earth.  This is known as the zodiac belt.

So, if you have a moon sign of Pisces.  Then this means that the moon was in the zodiac sign (or constellation) Pisces at the date, location and time of your birth.

In general, moon signs provide details about one’s emotional side.

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Posted on 25th September 2017 at 6:08 pm

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