Moon in Taurus Interpretation

A typical moon in Taurus likes warmth, comfort, and the security of familiar surroundings. A very loving and affectionate person, you also need love and affection from the people around you.  You’re hard-working and patient to get things done, but tend to be lazy and unwilling to change, being very much stuck in your ways.  This may cause problems in your career, as it is hard for you to get going, and you don’t stay in a job just because it is a comfortable routine for you.  You are very interested in acquiring money, though not because you are selfish or greedy, but because you like the sense of security that comes with it.

You love the good things in life such as gourmet food and material comfort.  Social status is something you are probably too concerned about.  In relationships, you are affectionate, faithful, and romantic.  Your memory is excellent.  Adapting to new situations can be difficult for you.

Moon in Taurus

What is A Moon Sign?

To understand what a moon sign is, you first need to know what star signs are about.

A star sign is also know as a zodiac sign.  Each sign in the zodiac represents a particular pattern of stars in the night sky, also called constellations.  The ancients used these constellations to navigate the seas.  Your star sign represents the constellation the Sun was in at the time of your birth, from the perceptive of where you were born.

Therefore a moon sign represents the constellation the moon was in at the time of your birth.  The moon travels through each zodiac sign approximately every 2.5 days.  Where as the Sun travels through all twelve in 1 year.

The moon sign represents our deep emotional side.  Sun signs represent our overall personality, to view your overall star sign traits click here.

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