Moon in Capricorn Interpretation

A typical moon in Capricorn is an ambitious person who works hard to achieve your goals.  You are not one to take risks, so you plan your life ahead.  Extreme emotions are something you cannot deal with; in fact, it probably scares you.  Because your emotions are so locked up, there is probably a lot of anger and resentment you are holding onto. Be careful this doesn’t cause illness or depression in your life.  Learn to deal with these feelings.

You are very organized, practical, and efficient.  Having a need to feel useful, you probably take on many responsibilities on the job or at home.

In relationships, you need to learn to be more affectionate as it is hard for you to show it to someone you love.  Also difficult is the ability to see what your partner truly wants or needs.  It may take you a long time to find someone that you trust and love.

You are much more materialistic than you are spiritual.

Moon in Capricorn

What is A Moon Sign?

Just like a star sign, or any other sign.  A moon sign represents the location of the moon during your birth.  Zodiac signs are locations in the sky known as constellations.  So, the 12 zodiac signs are actually different patterns in the sky.  Our ancestors made up constellations to help them navigate the oceans.  However, the zodiac constellations are relevant to astrology because the sun, moon and planets appear to travel through them, when viewing from earth.  Do you have your moon in Capricorn? if so, then this means the moon was in the constellation (or zodiac sign) Capricorn during your birth.  In astrology, the moon represents an individual’s emotional side.

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Posted on 10th September 2017 at 5:56 pm

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