Moon in Gemini Interpretation

A typical moon in Gemini is a witty and charming person much liked by many people.  You’re not scared to tell others what you really think, and can be quite a chatterbox.  People think you are fun and pleasant to hang out with.  However, there is also a side to you that is moody and irritable at times.  You need a lot of mental stimulation to keep you interested and to prevent boredom.  It is important for you to socialize and have a certain amount of freedom.  Also, you are very versatile and adaptable.

Moon in Gemini

What is A Moon Sign?

Do you have a Gemini moon sign?  This means that the moon was in the constellation Gemini at your moment of birth, when viewing from earth.  In astrology, the moon is a useful tool that sheds light on people’s emotional nature.  There are 12 different moon in sign interpretations.  You can be born with the same or different star and moon signs.

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Posted on 8th August 2017 at 5:02 pm

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