Moon in Libra Interpretation

A typical moon in Libra likes to thrive on relationships and does not like being alone.  Once in a relationship, you can easily see flaws, and it will nag you until you fix them.  Also, you don’t like to lose an argument; having the last word is important to you.  It is vital for you to have intellectual stimulation in a relationship.

You have excellent planning and strategic ability plus good attention to detail.  Friends come easily to you due to your gentle approach and good manners.  Your feelings are out there for people to see, especially when you have your mood swings.  It is hard to keep your feelings secret, which makes you a very transparent person.

Making a decision is hard for you, as all factors need to be weighed.  It is likely you will or already have married or moved in with a partner earlier than most people.

You have a strong bond with your mother.  She is a social and pleasant person.

Moon in Libra

What is A Moon Sign?

Basically, a moon sign is the location of the moon at the moment of a person’s birth.  How can we know the location I hear you ask?  Well, its because the sun, moon and planets travel through a predictable path in the sky known as the zodiac belt.  If your moon sign is Libra, then this means that the moon is in a set of stars called Libra when looking from earth.  Moon signs offer excellent information about an individual’s emotional side.

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Posted on 28th August 2017 at 5:21 pm

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