Moon in Virgo Interpretation

A typical moon in Virgo is a trustworthy, practical, and reliable person, always willing to help others.  You feel the need to always be busy, and to have a routine.

When first meeting a partner, you can be shy and maybe even intimidated by them.  This problem may come from your ability to analyze yourself.  If you are low in confidence, your self-awareness may get the better of you.  Affection to your partner is shown in small practical ways.

Although you are a curious person, spiritualism is probably not something you believe in.  This is because you’re a born sceptic and critical of many things; you believe there is a practical use for everything.

You have a great attention to detail and may fuss about cleanliness.  Maybe your mother is also a perfectionist.  She provided you with structure and order.

Moon in Virgo

What is A Moon Sign?

If you have a moon in Virgo sign.  Then this means that the moon was in a set of stars (constellation) called Virgo at your moment of birth.  Note that this is from the point of view on earth.  There are 88 constellations, but only 12 are used for astrology.  That is because the sun, moon and planets travel through the same path in the sky.  This path is known as the zodiac belt, and consists of the 12 zodiac signs.  Moon signs provide insight into a person’s emotional nature.

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Posted on 22nd August 2017 at 5:19 pm

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