Moon in Scorpio Interpretation

A typical moon in Scorpio is an emotionally intense person who often feels the need for change when life starts to get boring. There is great presence about you, even if you are shy. Being very strong-headed, not many things scare or shock you.

Because you fear betrayal, it is important for your partners to be fully committed in your relationships. Once in a serious relationship with someone, you’re extremely loyal and protective.

You can see through people, judging their character and motivations accurately. You can be fiercely competitive, especially with those of your own sex. If you are settled down with a partner, you are likely to be wrapped around their little finger, doing most things they say. You are fond of subjects like the occult and the paranormal.

You may have been born at a time when your mother experienced a crisis, or your birth may have been traumatic. Your mother may be possessive and intense.

Moon in Scorpio

What is A Moon Sign?

If you are a moon in Scorpio, then it actually means that the moon was in the constellation Scorpio at your moment of birth.  Constellations are simply imaginary patterns in the sky made from the unchanging fixed stars.  Because these stars and patterns never change, our ancestors used them to help navigate the seas.  But astrologers use them to know where the sun, moon and planets are.

In astrology, the moon represents out emotional nature.  Therefore, moon signs tell us about a person’s emotional side.  A side that is usually hidden from others.

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