Top Astrology Books for Beginners

If you’ve recently dived into the world of astrology, and you don’t yet know where to start off, the following list is for you. Handpicked from the very best of best from the last decade or so, these astrology books represent the science as it is, while at the same time making it an easy ready for just about anybody.

Below are the 10 Astrology Books

Parker’s Astrology

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The Definitive Guide to Using Astrology in Every Aspect of Your Life (Julia Parker).  This is an excellent introduction to the world of astrology – and will serve good to both beginners and veterans who are trying to rewind the clock. The book is well edited, with hard covers, large format text, comes with illustrations and presents numerous texts to interpret a chart (aspects, transits, progressions, locations of planets in signs and houses). All in all, a very complete book.

New Moon Astrology

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The Secret of Astrological Timing to Make All Your Dreams Come True (Jan Spiller).  The influence of the moon on the human destiny has been recognized since ancient times, but its potential to generate positive outcomes has frequently been ignored… so far. In this new book, astrologer Jan Spiller reveals the secrets to harnessing the amazing power of the Moon and thus help you to realize your dreams.

Person-to-Person Astrology

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Energy Factors in Love, Sex and Compatibility (Stephen Arroyo).  This is a book that explores the emotional, relational, and erotic nature of people according to the location of the Moon, Mars and Venus in the signs. Aimed at a broader public, without it being necessary to have astrological knowledge, the text addresses the issue of interpersonal relations and gender roles, as well as the compatibility between the signs and elements in the charts of people.

The Twelve Houses

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By Howard Sasportas.  This is a study of the symbolism of the 12 astrological houses, which represent the areas of life in which human existence unfolds: personality, values, communication, work, hobbies, couples, travel, the objectives, the outstanding issues and so on. The book also presents information on the meaning of the houses, as well as the locations of the planets and signs in each of them.

Astrology for Beginners

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By lewellyn’s.  Composed of short texts and explanatory drawings, ‘Introducing Astrology’ acts as an enjoyable introduction to astrology. Although it does not address the subject in depth, it is solvent, it reads with pleasure and serves as a book that approaches the subject with agility – for experts to freshen up what has been already learnt more extensively.

The Art of Predictive Astrology

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Forecasting Your Life Events (Carol Rushman).  This book consists of 2 parts: the first presents information about how to interpret a natal chart (with the meaning of signs, planets, aspects and homes), while the second part discusses various predictive techniques, such as directions, transits or solar and Lunar Revolutions – i.e.: issues and attitudes that will be emerging and challenging the person throughout his life.

Psychology of the Future

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Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research (Stanislav Grof).  Compendium of all the previous work of Grof (maps of consciousness, spiritual emergency, the cosmic game…), including an interesting chapter on the use of astrology in therapy. This is a solid, full and fun, book in which will be a broad vision of the transpersonal psychology with its spiritual dimension.

Exploring Jupiter

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An astrological study (Stephen Arroyo).  A comprehensive study of the astrological symbolism of the planet Jupiter, representing magnanimity, justice, loyalty, generosity, or the concept of purpose in life, is done in this book. In addition to a general introduction, it further explores the significance of its location in the signs, houses and in appearance with other planets.

The Ascendant

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Your Karmic Doorway (Martin Schulman).  The ascendant presents a penetrating vision on one of the most important points of the chart and it symbolizes the way that we relate to the world and the vision we have of reality. It is a concise book but of great depth and psychological success.

Learning Astrology

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An Astrology Book For Beginners (Damian Sharp).  This book serves as a good introduction to astrology, as it mainly focuses on the meaning of the planets (Sun,moon, Jupiter…), the signs (Leo, Aquarius, Libra…), the 12 different houses and aspects between the planets (conjunction, Sextile, square, opposition…). Very notably, it opens with an approach to the theme: history of astrology, signs elements (fire, air…) or qualities (fixed, mutable).

There are many astrology books out there.  The best way to learn astrology is to read many of these astrology books.

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