Astrology Planets in Gemini Sign

Below are natal chart interpretations for planets in Gemini sign. It is the 3rd sign of the Zodiac. Gemini is a sign that rules things like intelligence, vocal ability, adaptability and mental agility. Therefore, Gemini traits will be applied to any planet which falls within this Zodiac sign.

Mercury in Gemini Sign

You are a very bright person who speaks in a rapid and smooth manner, while also throwing in a bit of humor now and again.  Communicating is generally easy for you, both verbally and written.  You think logically and are capable of quick decision-making.  There are many things that interest you, but you never dig deep into just one subject.  You have an intense curiosity that leads you to want to know a little about nearly everything.  This is why you have the ability to keep a conversation interesting.

Because your mind is lighting-quick, it is easy for you to win arguments, even if you are wrong.  Spotting weaknesses in people is easy for you.  If given proper training, you excel in mathematics as well as in language.

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Venus in Gemini Sign

People see you as open, friendly, witty, and sometimes flirtatious.  You’re good in a conversation and very curious about people.  Being easily bored, you need many experiences in your life.  Therefore, an ideal partner for you would need to keep things exciting and changeable; doing the same things over and over again is boring for you.  They must also appreciate your intellect.  You are very popular.

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Mars in Gemini Sign

You have an active mind that thinks about many things at once.  Anything that uses your mind interests you, such as debating.  This is something you are very good at, drawing upon your sharp wit to win arguments.  Changing your job regularly is not uncommon with you, since there is much restlessness in your nature; also, you love variety.

Your love for variety suggests many romantic relationships for you, most of which were quite superficial.  Dedicating yourself to any one special partner may be a hard thing for you to do.  You may be quite a fidgety and nervous person.

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Jupiter in Gemini Sign

Being intellectually curious and open to new ideas, you tend to touch upon many different subjects, but never completely focus on just one.  It does make you an interesting person to talk to due to your versatile knowledge of many subjects.

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Saturn in Gemini Sign

You approach things in a logical and adaptable way, facing problems in a cool and calm manner.  Reasoning and problem-solving abilities are exceptional; potentially you could be great in scientific or mathematical fields of work. Early education or communication may have been a problem for you. When it comes to business, you have much common sense, cutting through details and getting to the facts. 

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Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in Gemini

      These planets travel at a slow pace, and effect generations of people. In general, it is best not to include these interpretations in natal readings.

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