Astrology Planets in Aquarius Sign

Below are natal chart interpretations for planets in Aquarius sign. It is the 11th sign of the Zodiac. Aquarius is a sign that rules things like friendships, intellect, individuality, technology, inventiveness. Therefore, Aquarius traits will be applied to any planet which falls within this Zodiac sign.

Mercury in Aquarius Sign

You are an original, open-minded, and inventive thinker who has many insights. Always active, your mind thinks of many ideas, some which are rather inventive. People may not always understand where you are coming from, as your thinking is so original and different.

You are not one to follow tradition and likely to rebel against it. This leads to you having unusual ways of doing things. For example, when you study, it is likely to be unusual in some way as you do not like to follow schedules.

The way you speak is witty and clever, and you also having a great sense of humor that is unique. Practical jokes are something that really amuse you. Being a good judge of character, your powers of observation are strong. You enjoy intellectual debates with people.

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Venus in Aquarius Sign

You have a sparkle in your personality that produces many friends. You have a romantic side that is cool, calm, and detached. When it comes to love, you are unique, having a different outlook than most people. You do not like to follow all the traditional rules when it comes to love, preferring to do things your own way. This originality has probably led to your dating various types of people from all different kinds of backgrounds. Also, you have little regard for what society, your family, or peers think of your relationships.

You are incredibly friendly, and this can lead to friends turning into lovers without you even knowing at first. Most of your romantic encounters happen suddenly; some even happen in an unusual way.

An ideal partner for you would need to feel like a friend, and appreciate your unique way of doing things. You want people to love you for your intellect, and to admire your visions. You’re also attracted to unusual or unconventional relationships.

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Mars in Aquarius Sign

You can potentially be a great leader. You are open-minded, independent, good at organizing, and can meet challenges with much calmness and composure. Working under authority figures such as supervisors is always a problem for you. You demand freedom and the right to speak bluntly. You have a need to find new and unique ways of achieving your goals.

When it comes to sex, you are intrigued by anything new or unconventional. For you, variety is the spice of life. Yet somehow you are usually stable and dependable once you have found a mate. In personal relationships, you can be somewhat detached, which can be baffling and frustrating to more personal and affectionate personalities.

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Jupiter in Aquarius Sign

You are willing to speak to anyone and can be very tolerant of people. Their race, background, or religion does not matter to you. Dealing with people is something you have a talent for. There is a need for you to help others.

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Saturn in Aquarius Sign

You have a scientific mind that is inventive and original. There is a need for you to work within a group of people.

You are a good friend, responsible, and always loyal. Yet making friends may be a problem as you tend to be a loner at times; the truth is that you actually want to be part of a group. It may help if you admit how you feel sometimes, and that you are unhappy. This can be very difficult for you, because you have always acted like you are “cool for being different.”

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Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in Aquarius

There natal chart signs are not considered, as they effect generations of people. Rather than the individual.

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