Birth Chart Astrology 10th House Interpretations

Are you after birth chart astrology 10th house interpretations? If so, then you have come to the right place.  The interpretations below can be used for both Western and Vedic (Kundali) astrology birth charts.

10th House in Western Astrology

Ruler:  Saturn

Location on birth chart wheel:  It is house number 10.

Personality traits ruled by 10th house: 

  • Career and progression
  • Need for achievement
  • Recognition
  • Social status
  • Public life
  • Ambitions

10th House in Vedic (Eastern) Astrology

Ruler:  House rulers in Vedic astrology are not constant.  They change according to the Lagna (Ascendant) of the person.

Vedic chart location:  It is house number 10.

Personality areas of life ruled by 10th house: 

  • Career and progression
  • Need for achievement
  • Recognition
  • Social status
  • Public life
  • Ambitions

Planets in 10th House Interpretations

Sun in 10th house

Authority and recognition for your abilities is something you crave.  You have a drive to be successful and respected as a leader.  Organizing, managing, and being responsible come naturally to you.  Taking orders from other people is something you strongly dislike, especially if you don’t respect them. Your father has had a great influence on your personality; he was likely a man that people respected and looked up to.

Moon in 10th house

You are a very ambitious person with a strong drive to succeed.  It is likely you started your career when very young, and received much support from your mother.  In fact, your mother has a great influence upon your life, helping to shape the person you are today.  You have a knack for accurately judging people’s feelings and reactions.  This makes you excel in careers that involve the public.  Sometimes you may worry about living up to your image, or the expectations of your family.

Venus in 10th house

You are very popular and well-liked. There is a charming manner about you that others respect.  You care very much about your social image, and want to be recognised or admired for your charm, beauty (women only), and friendly manner.  You are attracted to partners who have accomplished something.

Mercury in 10th house

You take your career very seriously and carefully plan it out, achieving the qualifications that you need in order to do the job you want.  You may have a talent for communicating with the public, and can speak with authority, or you are talented at communicating and negotiating with those in authority.  The types of jobs that suit you most are ones that offer much complexity and skill, plus travel and variety.  These factors are important, as they will prevent you from becoming bored at work. You like to remain stimulated and challenged.

Mars in 10th house

A lot of your energy is focused on your career; you have a need for status and want to reach the top of your chosen field.  Your desire to be the best started during childhood, as you knew it takes dedication and hard work to be successful.  You are able to do things on your own initiative, and possess great managerial ability.  There is a need for you to do things in your own way; this makes you a leader rather then a follower.

Your father is someone who has much authority about him, and can be quite assertive.

Jupiter in 10th house

You have much luck when it comes to achieving your career goals.

Saturn in 10th house

During your childhood, your mother was the more dominant parent. She was also very strict, probably because she had to be. Your father was absent from your life, or maybe he was emotionally distant.  The lack of love or attention from your farther made you want to make your mark on the world, or achieve something great.  This desire drives you to achieve within your chosen career.  If you end up in a position of authority, you will lead based on your practical experiences in life.  It is likely you will reach a high position in your chosen career; however, the climb to the top will be slow and filled with many challenges along the way.  Rewards for all your hard work is likely to be seen after the age of 30.

You have the discipline to take on any responsibilities with ease, and can study for long periods.

Neptune in 10th house

When it comes to business, you have a gift for sensing the next trend, or what the public wants; you have great vision and creativity.  You are attracted to harmonious work environments where there is little competitiveness.

Any job that involves you being in the public eye or the center of attention would make you feel extremely uncomfortable.  You prefer to work behind the scenes, where you can blend in with others.

Finding a suitable career, or your true calling, may be a tough challenge in your life.    Maybe it’s because responsibility is something you fear or cannot deal with; this makes finding or keeping a job difficult.

At work you give more then you receive, often not receiving any credit for it.  You dream about being famous one day, or being in a glamorous job that hides your real identity.

Uranus in 10th house

You are fiercely independent and must do things in your own way, especially during work.  Getting along with authority figures can be a problem, as you hate being told what to do; you have many job changes because of this.  You have probably considered being self-employed; this way you get the freedom at work you desire.  You’re the sort of person who could become a celebrity overnight.

Pluto in 10th house

You are very driven in your career to achieve, maybe even obsessive.  Throughout your life you have probably had many conflicts with authority figures such as supervisors and managers.

Did you enjoy these birth chart astrology 10th house interpretations?

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