Birth Chart Astrology 2nd House Interpretations

Are you after birth chart astrology 2nd house interpretations? If so, then you have come to the right place.  The interpretations below can be used for both Western and Vedic (Kundali) astrology birth charts.

2nd House in Western Astrology

Ruler:  Taurus

Location on birth chart wheel:  It is house number 2.

Personality traits ruled by 2nd house: 

  • Material goods
  • Possessions and who their managed
  • How money is earned
  • Financial matters
  • Luxuries
  • Greed

2nd House in Vedic (Eastern) Astrology

Ruler:  House rulers in Vedic astorlogy are not constant.  They change according to the Lagna (Ascendant) of the person.

Vedic chart location:  It is house number 2, and called Dhana Bhava.

Personality traits ruled by 2nd house: 

  • Material goods
  • Possessions and who their managed
  • How money is earned
  • Financial matters
  • Luxuries
  • Greed

Planets in 2nd House Interpretations

Sun in 2nd house

Throughout your life, there are likely to be many issues regarding your finances. And, it may take some time before you become financially responsible. You probably feel a strong need to achieve domestic and financial security, and there is a likelihood that you fear being in debt. The choices you make in life have a major impact on your financial situation.

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Moon in 2nd house

There is a need for you to acquire material possessions and to have financial security. There is also a fear of being in debt; however, there is still a tendency to overspend, which may be your way of coping with stress. When it comes to relationships you can be very possessive of people.

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Mercury in 2nd house

Because you are so practical minded, logic comes easy to you.  Therefore, you are likely to see the answer to problems before most other people.  You dislike it when people put you on the spot, demanding an answer immediately.  This is because you like to think at your own pace and don’t want to be rushed; this is also the same for studying.

Due to your intense focus and concentration, you prefer to take things one step at a time.  Although this trait is great for learning, it can lead to you having fixed opinions, and not wanting to consider other sides of the story. You also may have issues when it comes to multi-tasking.

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Venus in 2nd house

You are attracted to high quality and beautiful possessions, such as luxurious furniture, gadgets, and clothing.  This results in frequent spending, because when you see something you want, you buy it. You are suited to partners who are simple, honest, and make you feel safe and secure.  Jumping into relationships is not something you often do; you prefer to take your time in this area.  You may be rather artistic, and could make money from it.

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Mars in 2nd house

Although you are hard working, your approach is slower than most.  This is because much of your energy is focused on the method, as you carefully pay attention to each step.  There is a strong desire to earn money, but an equally strong need to spend it. Competing in the world of business or finance may be enjoyable to you, and you are not afraid of taking risks.

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Jupiter in 2nd house

You are a fortunate person when it comes to money and property.  However, you may spend as quickly as you earn.

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Saturn in 2nd house

During your childhood you wanted many material possessions, but did not receive them; perhaps your family had little money.  This is why you can be fearful and too careful about money; the need to save money may prevent you from fully enjoying your life.  Achieving a sense of financial security is important to you, and you will probably sacrifice your own interests and activities to achieve it.  You work incredibly hard for your money and will probably achieve financial success, and possible wealth.

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Uranus in 2nd house

At work you must have a certain degree of flexibility and freedom to express yourself; otherwise you will be unhappy and end up leaving.  Another option is to start your own business venture where you work for yourself. Money in general never constantly flows for you; instead, it comes in spurts.  You may need to become disciplined in your spending, as you are sometimes inclined to spend impulsively.

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Neptune in 2nd house

Money and material possessions are not that important to you. The reason is that you probably think the world will take care of you somehow. Even though money is not a priority in your life, you probably know many ways to acquire it. The problem is that you do not have much drive or desire to earn it, unless you have support and encouragement from other people.  Without this, you are likely to exist on whatever money you currently have.

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Pluto in 2nd house

You have a strong attachment to possessions and money, and letting go of either may be hard for you.  For example, if a friend lived with you and borrowed one of your tools without asking, it would probably annoy you.  This is also the same for finances; you have a great desire to earn and control your money.

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Did you enjoy these birth chart astrology 2nd house interpretations?

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