Astrology Planets in Sagittarius Sign

Below are natal chart interpretations for planets in Sagittarius sign. It is the 9th sign of the Zodiac. Sagittarius is a sign that rules things like bluntness, religion, spontaneous and higher learning. Therefore, Sagittarius traits will be applied to any planet which falls within this Zodiac sign.

Mercury in Sagittarius

You are an incredibly optimistic and enthusiastic person who speaks in a direct and blunt way. Sometimes you say exactly what’s on your mind, which may cause arguments. Being very sociable, you talk to anyone who will listen. You like to have a laugh with others. You have a great thirst for knowledge, but do not like being forced to learn, especially if you can’t have fun while doing it.

When studying, it is hard for you to focus on any single subject for too long. You prefer theories, rather than concrete, practical evidence of how things are done. Your wonderful imagination probably makes you a natural storyteller. You also like to have an intellectual debate with people, expressing many of your views. You are a very open-minded person, willing to listen to unconventional views. Being organized is something you probably struggle with. You are very independent and adaptable.

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Venus in Sagittarius

You are a sociable person who is well-liked and attract many people with your larger-than-life personality. This includes your big smile, laugh, sense of humor, and your friendly, flirtatious nature. Personal freedom is important to you, especially in relationships. You would prefer a relationship to be taken at a slow pace; a partner who is too serious too soon will make you feel uncomfortable.

You need to know where you stand in relationships; this is why you let partners know your true feelings. However, when the going gets tough in your relationship, you have an overwhelming need to run away. You are attracted to people who are in love with life.

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Mars in Sagittarius

You are a person who always likes to keep busy, and who stands up for what you believe in. You have a cheerful, fun-loving presence that makes you welcome in any social gathering. Also, you are very outspoken, and sometimes go to extremes where people may become offended.

Your attention span is short, which has led to you having many hobbies and interests; the problem is you fail to be totally dedicated to any of them. You love to have a good time, and rarely are found sitting still for too long.

You are not one to be tied down to a relationship due to your great need for freedom. When it comes to sex, you are direct and blunt, but can also be very passionate. Open-mindedness and good humour turn you on. When you get angry, you feel like running. You have to do something to take your mind off of it.

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Jupiter in Sagittarius

You are a carefree, outgoing, optimistic individual. You enjoy making life better for others. You are an outdoors type, fond of sports, and travel. You have a serious interest in matters relating to philosophy, religion, or significant social issues.

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Saturn in Sagittarius

You have a serious approach to religion, education, and philosophy. You are a highly principled person who believes in earning what you achieve through hard work and determination. Reputation is very important to you.

It is likely your education was restricted somehow which has probably led to you educating yourself. Traditional in views, you adjust to change slowly, and with much resistance. Challenges in life are likely to be associated with religious or philosophical views.

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Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in Sagittarius

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto move through the zodiac at a very slow rate. Interpretations would therefore be for generations of people. It is not worth considering these placements for natal readings.

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