Uranus Birth Chart Aspects

Below are Uranus birth chart aspects for conjunction, trine and square.  The best way to understand Uranus birth chart aspects is to compare it with the Zodiac sign Aquarius.  This is because Uranus and Aquarius share characteristic traits, such as inventiveness, Rebelliousness, individuality, freedom loving, etc.

Uranus Conjunct Ascendant

It is vital for you to be free to express your individuality, and you may rebel if anyone attempts to restrict your freedom. You are likely to dress in an unusual manner, with a unique style of your own. This may be expressed by unusual hairstyles or clothes. You physically stand out from your friends and family too, such as being taller, for example. You’re exceptionally bright, most likely having a superior IQ. Your early childhood consisted of much independence, freedom, and unexpected changes, and, you may have moved home a lot.

Uranus Trine Ascendant

You are determined to let no one get in the way of expressing your creativity.

You tend not to worry about problems, as you refuse to be down about things for long periods of time. There are many pleasures that you enjoy that range from the ordinary to the ridiculous or bizarre. You are rebellious, and in many ways a loner.

Your mind is filled with fantastic and adventurous ideas; the only thing that restricts you is money. Gaining social status is not that important to you.

Your love relationships must have an intellectual connection, otherwise you will become bored. You like to believe that you are important in the lives of those you touch. Chances are that anyone who forms a close friendship with you is affected by your concern. You have a great understanding of people, even better than they understand themselves.

You have a talent for making unusual forms of sexual expression seem like the most natural thing in the world; this can lead to some unique experiences between you and your partners.

You need a partner who is relatively free from shyness and insecurities so that you can express your sexuality to its fullest.

Uranus Square Ascendant

You are rebellious and unpredictable. You can be very irresponsible, and find it hard to learn anything from your experiences. During your childhood, you may have struggled to get along with your family due to your differences. A suitable career for you must allow much freedom; being confined to a routine does not suit you. When it comes to sex, you enjoy experimentation.

Uranus discordant to Neptune

You are a very sensitive individual who might experience trouble if you dabble in any negative psychic practices, such as Ouija boards, hypnotism, etc.

Interpret your Own Chart

We hope you have enjoyed these Uranus birth chart aspects.  Maybe you could try and interpret your own Uranus birth chart aspects.  If you want to know how to interpret your own chart, follow our step-by-step natal chart guide.


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