Natal Astrology Quiz

#1. What describes the Zodiac?

#2. Which is a symbol for Uranus?

#3. How many constellations are there?

#4. What is Natal Astrology

#5. What is a natal chart?

#6. What element is the zodiac sign aquarius?

#7. What could Mercury tell us about this chart?

Select all that apply:

#8. Which image is correct?

#9. What kind of interpretation can you get from the highlighted house?

#10. What is next in the sequence: Aries, Taurus, Gemini...?

#11. Which of the below is True?

Select all that apply:

#12. What is a Trine?

#13. What red line is the ascendant on a natal chart?

#14. What do houses on a natal chart tell you?

#15. Which of the below statements are true regarding birth time?

Select all that apply:



Well done! You passed my Natal Astrology Quiz, which means you got 80% or more correct! Feel free to share your excellent result with friends on social media.

Posted on 22nd January 2015 at 11:24 am

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