Natal Astrology Quiz

Test your astrology knowledge with our Natal Astrology Quiz. There are 15 multiple choice questions. Please be aware that some question may require more than one answer to be checked. The pass mark is 80%, can you do it? Don’t forget to share this quiz with friends and family.

#1. What describes the Ecliptic?

#2. How many constellations are there?

#3. What do houses on a natal chart tell you?

#4. What is a natal chart?

#5. Which of the below is True?

Select all that apply:

#6. What is next in the sequence: Aries, Taurus, Gemini...?

#7. Which of the below statements are true regarding birth time?

Select all that apply:

#8. What is a Trine?

#9. Which is a symbol for Uranus?

#10. What kind of interpretation can you get from the highlighted house?

#11. Which image is correct?

#12. What red line is the ascendant on a natal chart?

#13. What could Mercury tell us about this chart?

Select all that apply:

#14. What element is the zodiac sign aquarius?

#15. What is Natal Astrology


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