Predictive Astrology Reading for people Born in 1964

Born in 1964? Want to know your Future?

Then you may enjoy these annual horoscopes I have for you.  Learn what the present year has in store for you.  Share with your friends and family if you appreciate my readings.  If you have a general interest in astrology, then you may like these astrology books.  If 1964 is not your date of birth, you can view others here.

What happened in 1964?

Before reading your annual horoscopes, here are some facts about 1964.  Just for fun, I also have a puzzle for you.  There are two silhouettes of a woman in the image below.  Do you know who it is?  And can you spot the two differences between them?  The correct answer is at the end of this page.

  • You were born! along with celebrities such as Michelle Obama (First Lady), Boris Johnson (Politician), Courtney Cox (Actress), Jef Bezos (Entrepeneur), Keanu Reeves (Actor), Easy-E (Rapper), Sandra Bullock (Actress), Nicolas Cage (Actor), Russell Crowe (Actor), Reena Wadhwa (Actress).
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr receives the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • The Mariner 4 spacecraft is launched by NASA.
  • The first Beatles US Album Released.
  • The UK Interest Rate is Raised to 7%.
  • Pablo Picasso painted his fourth Head of a Bearded Man.
  • BBC2 starts broadcasting in the UK.
  • The Beatles make their first appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show.
  • The BASIC programming language is introduced.
  • The worlds first high speed rail network opens in Japan.
  • China explodes its first Nuclear bomb.
  • Mary Poppings was one of the top grossing films.


annual horoscopes


You start off feeling confident in yourself.  There is an oppurtunity coming your way, which you may want to consider.    [Ref:  1]


There is a lot of thinking to do this month, maybe you need to make a decision about something?  Just be careful you don’t fall into the trap of thinking too negatively.  There is always a solution to most problems.      [Ref A]

It seems like the decision you need to make is about an existing relationship, such a family, friend or a partner.   [Ref B]

This is a frustrating month as you will likely encounter resistance from people.    [Ref D]


This month you may get accomplishment and acknowledgment for your prior efforts.  It will shock you since you frequently think negatively.  It is an incredible chance to be energetic and determined to accomplish your goals.  You can expect great connections and direction this month with individuals in power.  [Ref 4]


You probably have your parents on your mind this month, they are likely no longer here or very unwell.  Also, you may reflect on your life and your plans for retirement.  And what an amazing life it has been so far.  It may fascinate you how things how changed over the last few decades, technology has forced you to change how you do a lot of things. (Ref: 1964A)

Only read the statement below if you were born in Feb 1964

If you were born in Feb 1964, then this is an astounding month to get out there and mingle, make new friendships and have fun.  If you are single then it is likely you will meet somebody new.  It will presumably be you that gets this going as you draw people in with you forthcoming and direct manner.    [Ref 5]


You truly are a workaholic and always have been.  But you probably will feel a bit fed up this month.  You are not one for change, especially at work.  You have much knowledge to share, and you will give good advice to a friend this month.  (Ref: 1964B)

Only read the statement below if you were born in March 1964

If you were born in March 1964, then you will get a lot of support from family and friends this month.  You feel fed up this month, and they will help cheer you up.  Maybe you will be meeting family for dinner, drinks, etc.    [Ref 6]


Only read the statement below if you were born in April, June or July 1964

Born in April, June or July 1964?  If so, then the theme for this month is having fun and enjoying yourself.  This will probably be with your partner, plus family and friends too.  Sometimes it is just nice to treat yourself.  You are easily bored, this month you will have the opportunity to do something different.  Your family and friends really appreciate how clever you are.  [Ref 7]


Sorry, but I did not find anything significant to report for this month.


You will feel more confident you can achieve your goals.  Ensure you make the most of your extra enthusiasm this month.  An opportunity to make extra money may also come about.  Accumulation of wealth is important to you as it can provide the high standard of living that you so desire.   [Ref:  11]

Only read the statement below if you were born in October 1964

If you were born in October 1964, then spending time with loved ones and family is the theme this month.  Maybe you will be treating someone, or even yourself.  If you are currently single, then you may meet someone that you could potentially fall in love with, probably whilst you are out at a social gathering. You approach romance with caution as you are scared of getting hurt.    [Ref 12]


Only read the statement below if you were born in November 1964

Were you born in November 1964?  Then this is a time where a member of your family needs you.  Actually, you will be going out your way to help or please them.  [Ref 13]


This month you may receive achievement and recognition for your earlier efforts.  It will surprise you because you often think negatively.  It is a great time to be enthusiastic and determined to achieve your goals.  You can expect good relationships and guidance this month with people in authority.  [Ref 14]

Only read the statement below if you were born in December 1964

Born in December 1964?  Then this could be a good time to strengthen an existing relationship, or get into a new one!  If single, then it will probably be you making the first move.  [Ref 15]


You have much drive, determination, and endurance to achieve your goals.  And this month that will really show. You will take on the hardest of tasks, completing them on time.

If you have a partner, they will be impressed by your dedication to work or personal projects this month.  You may also feel an increase in your sex drive this month too, especially if you are single.

You can expect good relations and support from authority figures like parents, police, teachers and bosses.  This means it is also a good month to start any form of legal proceeding or building work.  [Ref C]

ANSWER FOR RIDDLE =   It is Mary Poppins.  In one of the silhouettes she is missing her right foot, and umbrella. 

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