Free Monthly Horoscope for People Born in 1979

Born in 1979? Want to know your Future?

I have written your free online horoscope for this year below.  Providing you with the best online horoscope possible is important to me.  Which is why I do them based on your year of birth, as it helps improve the accuracy of the readings I provide you.  So, get ready to read about topics such as career, love, friendships and more.  If you are willing to share this content with friends and family, I would really appreciate that.

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What happened in 1979?

Before you read your horoscope for the year, check out some interesting things that happened in 1979.

Just for fun, I have a riddle for you.  The “nude beach” sign in the image below is pointing right.  Which way does it point if I turn it twice 180 degrees, once 360 degrees, then twice 90 degrees? all in the clockwise direction.  Will it end up pointing LEFT, or RIGHT? You may view the correct answer at the end of this post.

  • It is your birth year! along with celebrities such as Heath Ledger (Actor), Chris Pratt (Actor), Kourtney Kardashian (Reality Star), Andrea Pirlo (Footballer), Jameet Singh (Political Leader), Ne-Yo (Singer).
  • Vietnamese forces capture Phnom Penh from the Khmer Rouge.
  • The USSR Carries out underground nuclear tests.
  • Planet Neptune becomes outermost planet, because the planet Pluto moves closer.
  • The United States carry out a nuclear test at Nevada Test Site.
  • The Sugar Hill Gang releases the rap hit “Rapper’s Delight”.
  • Michael Jackson releases his “Off the Wall” album.
  • Snow falls for 30mins in the Sahara Desert.
  • 13 Tornadoes made its way through Oklahoma and Texas.
  • The first nudist beach in Britain was established in Brighton.
  • China announces the one child per family rule to help control its increasing population.


free online horoscope


Your online horoscope for January starts with you feeling good about yourself.  You have had a chance to re-charge yourself at Christmas, now you are ready to think about what you want to achieve this year.  You may also feel an increase in your sex drive this month too, especially if you are single.  Not only do you feel good, your sex drive also increases this month.  Although you won’t be going out that much this month, you will have some good times indoors.

This is also a good month work wise too.  Companies and/or bosses will be willing to listen to you more.  Actually, your work may be very grateful for something you done last year.  So expect good complements to come your way.    [Ref C]


You are not afraid of some hard work.  Sometimes you may question the way your company does things.  However, they really like the way you do things, they know they can rely on you.  Basically, you just get on with your work and don’t fuss about it.  Because of this, you do expect a bit of recognition for your efforts, especially when others are not pulling their weight.  This could be a good time to talk to your boss about these issues.    [Ref 1979A]

Only read the statement below if you were born in March 1979

Frustration at work may be causing some stress.  So, getting out this month will probably help with this.  Maybe even treat yourself to your favourite food and drink.  If you have a partner, then getting out there and doing something different will definitely take your mind of things.  If single, then expect a sudden (and unusual) romance.     [Ref 4]


Sorry, I could not find anything significant in your chart to report for March.


This month you will be facing some kind of resistance regarding you achieving a particular goal.  This resistance is likely to come from a person who is in a position of authority.  Maybe you are struggling to get information from someone, or waiting for someone to complete something.  Whatever the case, it is holding you up, and annoying you.    [Ref D]

Despite the resistance you face this month, you are still eager to get on with your daily life.  Actually, your personality shines more when under pressure.  Oh, and look out for an opportunity to make extra money.  But don’t take any unnecessary risks just yet.   [Ref: 6]

Only read the statement below if you were born in May 1979

Born in May 1979?  Your partner or a family member will be helping you out this month.  They will be supportive of your goals.  If single, then you might be going out your way to chat to someone who you fancy.  They will enjoy your childlike, fun-loving manner.  [Ref 7]


This month you may receive achievement and credit for your previous efforts.  Probably because you are a hard worker who is accurate and well-organized.  It is a great time to be keen and determined to achieve your goals.  You can expect good relations and guidance this month with people in authority.  [Ref 8]


You are half way through your online horoscope for the current year.  You may feel a bit stressed out this month.  You have a very busy family life.  Maybe your children will be moving out your home soon, which could make you feel upset.  And you are probably not sure why!  Also, you and your partner may not be getting along as well as you usually do.  However, things will get better over the next few months.    [Ref 1979B]

Only read the statement below if you were born in June 1979

Talking to friends this month will help keep you sane.  Especially if you end up going out with them for food, drink, shopping, etc.  If you are single, then someone special may pop on the scene who is clever and exciting.  They will appreciate your clever mind.  [Ref 9]


Only read the statement below if you were born in July 1979

This July online horoscope is a good time to mix with like-minded people.  You are likely to meet these people at BBQ parties.  It will give you a chance to really be yourself and chill.


Sorry, I could not find anything in particular regarding your August online horoscope.  Your chart was not showing anything significant.


This month will get you thinking about stuff.  There will be something playing on your mind.  It is easy to slip into a habit of thinking in a negative way.  Try and stay on the positive side.  Remember that no one is perfect, and will all need the help of friends or family sometimes.  Oh, and try not to get into an argument.  Not that you are scared to, because you can argue extremally hard when you think you are right.  [Ref A]

Your chart is showing that an existing relationship may experience problems this month.  Maybe you have just grown apart from each other.  Actually, I think there are only two things that could break down a relationship, being communication and/or sex.  So maybe one of those?  Maybe there are issues regarding trust too.   [Ref B]


You will probably be in contact with friends more this month.  They love the fact you always have something interesting to say to them.  Also, you are a good cook, and enjoy cooking for friends.    [Ref 1979C]

Only read the statement below if you were born in October 1979

This October online horoscope may be an ideal time to talk to people, make friends and have a good time.  If you are already in a relationship, then expect a few romantic day’s out this month.  When in a relationship your personality seems to shine, as you can be yourself.  You may treat your partner this month.  If you are single, then I think you might approach someone you fancy.  I think it will be you that does this as you are not scared to approach people.    [Ref 13]


This November online horoscope may have you feeling a strong desire to break free from routine, doing something different from your normal activities.  Maybe you will become more interested in mechanics, science or occults.  These are subjects you are most likely interested in.  [Ref 1]


You have great optimism, self-confidence and generosity.  This month these traits will shine through even more than usual.  You will feel more confident you can achieve your goals.  Ensure you make the most of your extra enthusiasm this month.  An opportunity to make extra money may also come about.  But be careful not to get too carried away, especially with gambling.   [Ref: 14]

Only read the statement below if you were born in January 1979

This is an excellent month to get out there and socialise, make new friendships and enjoy yourself.  You may also treat yourself.  Be careful not to be too indulgent or you may waste money.  If you are already in a relationship this is a great month to enjoy yourselves together.  You’re a very social person so you will probably be eating out somewhere.  If you are single then you will likely meet someone new.  Your larger than life personality is sure to catch someone’s attention.  You also like to use your sense of humor to attract the opposite sex too.  However, you do not like things to get serious too quickly as you enjoy your personal freedom.  [Ref 15]

Only read the statement below if you were born in November 1979

You will be spending a lot of time with family this month.  You’re a very social person, so you may even host a few gatherings at your home.  Maybe Christmas at yours!  You are most likely the centre of attention due to your big personality, you are hilarious too. Hopefully your family do not smother you too much, as you do like a bit of freedom now and again.  [Ref 16] 

I hope you have enjoyed your online horoscope for

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ANSWER FOR RIDDLE = It will be pointing LEFT.

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