JKS Astrology Blog Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Guest Post Article Submission Guidelines

JKS Astrology Blog Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Please follow our JKS Astrology Blog guest post article submission guidelines carefully before sending your content to us.  We only accept guest post exchanges of a similar niche.  We will only consider your guest post if you are willing to accept one from us.  And you have a blog which has a Domain Authority (DA) of at least 22.  

  • Articles must be at least 600 words long.
  • Articles must be unique.  Not uploaded anywhere else.  All articles received will be checked via copyscape (and other methods) for plagiarism.
  • Guest posts become the property of JKS Astrology.
  • A short bio of the author can be added, this will appear at the end of the article.
  • We only accept articles that will match the theme of the blog such as being astrology related.  Tarot and numerology content is also considered.
  • We must know of any links you wish to add before you submit your article.  Only one high quality link is accepted per article submission.  This link will be included in your bio at the end of the article.

Where we Post your Content

  • All astrology blog guest post articles will be uploaded to the JKS Astrology Blog.
  • Each article will be given an appropriate category.


  • We allow one dofollow external link, such as those to the guest post authors blog.  Affiliate links are not allowed in guest posts.
  • Links must point to a website of a similar niche to JKS Astrology, such as being related to astrology, tarot or numerology.


  • We will optimise any images you send.  Or we may include our own images.

How long the Process Takes

  • If we accept your article, we will let you know within 5 days of your submission.
  • Accepted articles will be uploaded within a week.

Modifications to Guest Posts

  • Final editing of the guest post will be done by our authors, for SEO purposes.
  • Your guest post may be re-formatted according to our blogs theme.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any astrology article submission you have.

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