Free Monthly Horoscope for People Born in 1996

Born in 1996? Want to know your Future?

I have written a predictive astrology reading for you.  I work differently to most astrologers, every predictive astrology reading I provide is based on your natal chart.  This means I can provide you with a more accurate reading.  If you enjoy these kinds of readings, then please share the page.  If you really enjoy astrology, then you may like these astrology books.    If 1996 is not your date of birth, you can view others here.

What happened in 1996?

Before I provide you with your free astrology reading, you may be intrigued to know what happened in 1996.  Just for fun, I have put an equation in the image below for you to solve.  The correct answer can be seen at the end of this page.

  • 1996 is the year you were born! along with celebrities such as Tom Holland (Actor), David Dobrik (YouTube Star), Dove Cameron (Actress), Liza Koshy (YouTube Star), TheOdd1sOut (YouTube Star).
  • Osama Bin Laden is expelled from Sudan and moves to Afghanistan.
  • Divers in Egypt discover the ancient port of Alexandria.
  • NASA launches Mars Global Surveyor to planet mars.
  • UN Experts and Iraq Officials dismantle a Biological Weapons Factory in Iraq.
  • Nintendo 64 is realsed.
  • Meningitas Epidemic in West Africa.
  • The IRA plants and explodes a bomb in London and Manchester, UK.
  • Gunman “Martin Bryant” kills 35 in Tasmania.
  • Gunmen kills 17 Greek Tourists in Egypt.
  • Duke Nukem 3D Shareware released.
  • Global Warming shows a record high.
  • Ask Jeeves was created.


August horoscope


Do you ever wonder what a different job would feel like?  One that is higher pay, and something you really like?  Well, it seems like this will be on your mind this month.  Seems like the only reason this has not happened is because you are not assertive enough.  Talking to your boss about career progression is a good starting point.     [Ref 1996A]


You will have more energy this month to achieve your goals.  If you have a partner, they will help you achieve them, or at least be supporting you. An increase in your sex drive is likely, as you will be feeling extra stress.  You have a great mind, always thinking ahead.  You also have original ideas, maybe you should share some of these ideas with your boss at work.

Your life may seem a bit dull lately, but it doesn’t have to be.  There will be a special night this month that will be very enjoyable.  And with someone that is very different from yourself.   [Ref  1]


Your chart is showing that a relationship between you and someone else could be having problems.  Maybe this person has annoyed you, or you have simply grown apart.  Could also be issues regarding guilt or disloyalty involved too.  Whatever the case, communication is the key to solving it.

If you are single, then I can see you hooking up with someone that has similar interests to you, but not of a similar age.  [Ref B]


This is a month where you might be feeling some stress, and also thing playing on your mind.  Try and think about the situation in a positive way, otherwise you may have trouble sleeping.  If you are having issues with a particular person, then remember you have a very good way of making your point.   [Ref A]

Only read the statement below if you were born in February 1996

Additional stress this month may cause you to hit the drink more.  So it seems likely you could be drinking more at home, or even out with some friends drinking.  Just be careful you don’t go too over the top.  [Ref 3]


You will feel very upbeat this month.  So, ensure you make the most of this confident energy.  It’s a good time to achieve any plans you had in mind.  Or at least get the ball rolling.  Be on the lookout for a money-making opportunity.  Although you may not be the most assertive type of person, you are certainly a doer.  Your hands-on and realistic approach gets things done.   [Ref: 4]

Only read the statement below if you were born in March 1996

You are feeling in the mood to mix with friends this month.  Maybe hitting some bars or restaurants.  It’s a great time to bond with people. If you are single, then someone loyal and honest might contact you.  And they will enjoy your singing ability.  [Ref 5]


You are the kind of individual that needs a lot of feedback in your career.  For example, you like to know how you are performing at work so you improve your skills further.  Feedback is coming your way this month.    [Ref 1996B]

Only read the statement below if you were born in April, May, June or July 1996

This is an excellent month to get out there and socialise, make new friendships and enjoy yourself.  You may also treat yourself.  Be careful not to be too indulgent or you may waste money.  If you are already in a relationship you will probably be out together this month doing something different.  You get easily bored to you need this now and again.  If you are currently single then it is likely you will meet someone new.  I believe your ideal partner would need to keep things exciting and changeable.  And they must also appreciate your intellect.  [Ref 6]


The last few years have been busy at home.  Maybe you have been learning to look after a baby, which has consumed most of your time.  This month you will be making plans for your family’s future.    [Ref 1996C]


Being assertive can be an issue for you, as it makes you anxious.  Because of this, you can feel very angry at times, but able to keep it under control.  However, last month you was probably recognised for your hard work.  You also received  good  guidance from people in authority, such as from a boss or teachers.  [Ref 8]

Overall this month should be a good regarding your work and/or educational life.

You will feel more confident you can achieve your goals.  Ensure you make the most of your extra enthusiasm this month.  An opportunity to make extra money may also come about.  Although you may not be the most assertive type of person, you are certainly a doer.  Your practical (realistic) approach gets things done.   [Ref: 10]


Sorry, I did not find anything worth mentioning this month.


Only read the statement below if you were born in December 1996

Born in Dec 1996?  Well, this is an active month for you socially.  If you have a partner, then you will be enjoying some nice days out together.  If you are single, then you will be going to a couple of parties.  Your love of freedom and your straight forward personality is sure to have people interested in you.  But you are only interested if they are willing to take things slow.   [Ref 13]


Seems like you have issues being assertive, and this has caused problems for you.  Sometimes you need to be assertive to achieve certain goals, or to just tell someone to go away.  Seems like this is a month where you may need to do that.  It is also a very busy month for you at work.  But your hard work will pay off, as people are starting to take notice.    [Ref 14]


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