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Born in 1978? Want to know your Future?

You might be pleased to know that I have written your astrology forecast for the current year.  My goal is to write you an intriguing astrology forecast every year; I hope you enjoy them.  Typical subjects covered is love career and friendships.  If you enjoy my unique way of providing astrology forecast readings, then please share them with people you know.

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What happened in 1978?

Before you read your astrology forecast for the year, read my quick 1978 facts.  I have given you a riddle to solve.  There is an equation in the image below, do you know the answer? See the end of this page for the correct answer.

  • You were born! along with celebrities such as Kobe Bryant (Basketball Player), James Corden (Comedian), John Legend (Singer), Link Neal (YouTube Star), Perez Hilton (Blogger), Manny Pacquiao (Boxer), Tamil Nadu (Actor).
  • The Italian prime minister Aldo Moro was kidnapped and murdered by the Red Brigades.
  • Egypt and Israel sign the Camp David Accords.  In an effort to secure peace between the two nations.
  • The world’s first “test tube” baby was born in the United Kingdom, using In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF).
  • The first Garfield comic strip released in the US.
  • Sweden is the 1st nation to ban aerosol sprays that are suspected to be damaging to earth’s ozone layer.
  • India struggles with its longest and worst monsoon season, leaving 2 million homeless


astrology forecast


Your astrology forecast for the year starts of with you feeling a litte frustrated.  The harder you pursue your goals, the more resistance you will face.  This resistance may be felt from supervisors, bosses or your children.  Current circumstances may prevent your progress.  Throughout your life expressing the creative talent that is hidden inside you has been difficult.  Maybe your high expectations for yourself do not help this.  [Ref D]

Only read the statement below if you were born in January or February 1978

Were you born in Jan or Feb 1978?  If so, this means I can provide more details about January.  It seems like you may counter your frustration you are feeling this month by meeting up with friends and family more than usual.  Or maybe you will be splashing out on some treats for yourself.  Whatever the case, treating yourself more or socialising will help you this month.    [Ref 1]


This February indicates issues with a relationship.  Could be with a work colleague friend, family member, partner, etc.  Maybe you two are just not getting along at the moment and is on your mind.  Maybe a calm chat is the way forward.

If you are single, then meeting someone new is likely this month.  Probably having a nice meal together.  But it probably won’t be the romance you are hoping for, and more of a practical bond then an emotional one.  Also, the person will probably not be around the same age as you, which means you might not have much in common.  However, that does mean it won’t be a fun time.   [Ref B]


You are keen on feeling secure and safe.  Not just for yourself, but your family too.  This is probably the reason why you are also careful when it comes to spending money.  You have an air of confidence and enthusiasm this month.  This could be very handy as there seems to be an opportunity to make extra money in sight.

You’re likely a good cook, so you could be cooking more than usual this month.  Maybe trying out a special or different dish.  You probably have an emotional attachment to foods.  This means you probably eat more when you are feeling down.  [Ref: 3]


This month you could be rewarded (or complimented) for something you done in the past.  Achieving such recognition is important to you.  It is a great time to be excited and determined to achieve your goals.  Also, it may be worth talking with people in authority more this month, as it seems like you will get good guidance from them.  [Ref 4]

Only read the statement below if you were born in March 1978

If you were born in March 1978, then I can tell you more.  You will probably be in a very good mood this month, which means you will be going out more than usual.  Maybe even celebrating.  If you are single, then look out for someone special.  Actually, it will probably be you that talks to them first!  [Ref 5]


Sometimes you have trouble expressing the creative talent that is hidden inside you.  Your partner probably does not appreciate your talents as much as they should either.  Maybe this has caused much friction between you and your loved one this year.  But more so this month.    [Ref 1978A]

Only read the statement below if you were born in April 1978

This month is a good time to mix with friends and family.  Socialising outdoors at events like BBQ’s are likely this month.  If you are already in a relationship, then you will be enjoying these social occasions together.  If you are currently single, then someone you fancy will talk to you at one of those occasions this month.  In general, you normally have a cautious approach to meeting new partners, but it seems this person will make you feel very comfortable.  All you are after is honest and loyalty from your partners.  Oh, and one that appreciates your singing.  [Ref 6]


This month you will be praised at your work.  You like doing things at your own pace, and won’t be forced to work faster.  You are very independent, and have been most your life.  This month you will make use of your sharp intellect to solve a problem.    [Ref 1978B]

Only read the statement below if you were born in May 1978

This is a good time to socialise, make new friends and have fun in general.  You may also treat yourself to clothes, food and drink.  If you are already in a relationship you will probably be out together this month doing something different, as you get bored doing the same things all the time.  If you are currently single then it is likely you will meet someone new.  I believe your ideal partner would need to keep things exciting and changeable.  And they must also appreciate your intellect.  [Ref 7]


You will probably be in contact with friends more this month.  They love the fact you always have something interesting to say to them.  Also, you are a good cook, and enjoy cooking for friends.    [Ref 1978C]


Sorry, I could not find anything significant in your astrology forecast for this month.


There is something that is bothering you this month, which has forced you to think about things.  It’s easy for you to slip into the habit of thinking too negatively about yourself.  Keeping positive and thinking things through logically will get you better results.     [Ref A]

Maybe someone has upset you, and you are not sure what to do about it.  Or maybe you are simply not as close to someone as you once were.

If you are single, then meeting someone is possible.  They will sure take your mind of things.  But probably won’t be long term relationship material.   [Ref B]


I have nothing to report for your October forecast.


You may feel a strong urge to break free from routine, doing something totally different from your normal activities.  Maybe you will become more interested in mechanics, science or occult’s.  These are topics you are most likely interested in.  [Ref 11]

Security for yourself and your family is very important to you; this is probably the reason why you are careful about spending money.  This month you have increased confidence you can achieve your goals.  Ensure you make the most of your extra enthusiasm.  An opportunity to make extra money may also come about.

As you’re a great cook, it seems like you will enjoy cooking more than usual during this month.  Food is something you have an emotional attachment with, which can sometimes lead to weight problems.  [Ref: 12]


This month you may receive compliments or gratitude for your earlier efforts.  Achieving personal recognition is very important to you.  It is a great time to be enthusiastic and determined to achieve your goals.  You can expect good relationships and guidance this month with people in authority.  [Ref 14]

I hope you have enjoyed your astrology forecast for

I you have enjoyed this astrology forecast, then please share them with your family and friends.


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