Annual Horoscope Forecast for People Born in 1971

Born in 1971? Want to know your Future?

If so, then you may be interested to read your free annual horoscope forecast.  Unlike other astrology sites, this annual horoscope forecast is based on your natal chart, making them more unique to you.  In general, they provide insight into your friendships, career, and love life.  Do you know anyone else that might like these annual horoscope forecasts? If so, then please share it with them.

You could even have a go at creating your own annual horoscope forecast using these excellent predictive astrology books I recommend.  If 1971 is not your date of birth, you can view others here.

What happened in 1971?

Before you check out your annual horoscope forecast for this year, you might be intrigued to know what happened the year you were born.  See my quick facts below.  Just for fun, I have removed stars from the US flag below, do you know how many I have removed?  The correct answer can be found at the end of this page.

  • You were born! along with celebrities such as Tupac Skakur (Rapper), Elon Musk (Entrepreneur), Snoop Dogg (Rapper), Mark Wahlberg (Actor), David Walliams (Comedian), David Tennant (Actor), Ricky Martin (Singer), Kid Rock (Singer), Gill Hardeep (Singer).
  • Starbucks opened its first store.
  • Voting Age in the US lowered to 18.
  • The Walt Disney World Theme Park is opened.
  • Qatar becomes independent from Great Britain.
  • The Soviet Union launches the first space station, called Salyut 1.
  • he United Arab Emirates (UAE) was created.
  • Big earthquake in Peru.
  • IRA Bomb Post Office Tower in London.
  • Tsunami in India.
  • Intel releases world’s first microprocessor, the 4004.
  • First electronic pocket calculator released.
  • First ever email was sent.
  • Rolls Royce went bankrupt.
  • the 3rd moon landed, Apollo 14.
  • Dare Devil Evel Knievel set a world record.


Annual horoscope forecast


You have a knack for managing, especially when it comes to money. It is likely you will receive recognition this month for something you done at work. Someone who has authority will give you good guidance this month. [Ref 1]

Only read the statement below if you were born in February or December 1971

This is a good time to get out and about, socialise and make new friends. Although you may be tempted to treat yourself, try not to be too indulgent. Already in a relationship? Good, this is a good month to enjoy yourselves together. Usually, you have trouble expressing your feelings in relationships, but this will be easier this month. If you are single, then it is also likely you will meet someone new. Hopefully they will be a serious and goal-orientated person, as that is the kind you like. [Ref 2]


Sometimes you worry about your financial security.  In-fact the accumulation of wealth in general is very important to you.  You will be sorting some things out this month regarding your finances.    [Ref 1971A]

Only read the statement below if you were born in March 1971

If you were born in March 1971, then you are in for a social treat this month. It is a great time to get out there and have a good time. If you have a partner, then you may be doing something fun and different this month. Single? well, you can expect to have a sudden romance. This person you meet will probably be unusual in some way. [Ref 3]


You’re very popular at work.  maybe it’s because people think you have an optimistic and outgoing attitude.  But sometimes things can get to much, and you prefer to be alone at work.  Currently looking for work? maybe consider healthcare, teaching or office jobs.   [Ref 1971B]

Only read the statement below if you were born in April 1971

If you were born in April 1971, then this could be a very enjoyable month for you.  The theme for this month will be fun, friends, and possibly love.  Your existing relationship will strengthen.  If single, then you will meet someone new. [Ref 4]


It is likely an already existing relationship may suffer this month.  Maybe work is very busy, and causing you to become disconnected.  Or, maybe this is a lack of emotional connection.  

If single, then romance could blossom.  But it would be more of a practical bond, rather than an emotional one.  This person will not be around the same age as you.

Money is probably tight this month, so partying is not recommended.  You will likely feel too down anyways.   [Ref B]

This could be a challenging month for you.  But you have drive and determination on your side.  People may even comment on how dedicated you are.    [Ref C]

Be on the lookout for an opportunity to make extra money this month.  In general, you are outgoing and optimistic. You enjoy making life better for others. Being the outdoors type, you are keen on sports and travel.  [Ref: 5]

Only read the statement below if you were born in May 1971

Born in May 1971?  If so, then this is an ideal month to have fun and socialise.  However, be careful not to overspend! If you are already in a relationship, then the month will be filled with activities together.  Not in one? well you are in for a treat, as new love may enter the scene.  It will probably be you that makes this happen, because you flirt by in an up-front and direct manner. Maybe win them over by expressing how creative and independent you are.  Hopefully they will have much energy about them, as that is what you are attracted to.  [Ref 6] 


This month will challenge your mind.  It’s a good time to do some serious thinking.  But don’t fall into the trap of thinking negatively.  Remember that your negative thinking could cause relationship problems.  If you believe you are right, you will argue very hard for your point of view.    [Ref A]

Only read the statement below if you were born in June 1971

Born in June 1971? Well, what are you waiting for?  Get out there and have fun this month.  If already with a partner, then you will enjoy pleasures such as clothes, food and alcohol.  Currently single? then you will meet someone new.  Hopefully that new person will be honest and loyal, things you much have in a partner.  ideally, you need someone who is very committed to the relationship.  Oh, and they much appreciate your intellect and singing ability too.    [Ref 7]


This month will have you feeling more resistance than usual to achieve your goals.  Possibly from authority figures such as supervisors, bosses, even your father.    [Ref D]


You’re knowledgeable when it comes to technology.  Ever think about how technology has changed during your lifetime, you were part of that change!  Put that knowledge to good use this month.    [Ref 1971C]

Only read the statement below if you were born in July 1971

Were you born in July 1971?  Great! you will probably be having a great time this month.  Socialising and meeting new friends is the theme this month.  Be careful not to over spend though.  Ever feel like you approach love too cautiously, trying to guard your feelings? Well, this is a time when you will let your guard down more.  If single, then prepare for someone new.  I just hope that new person will demonstrate their love for you, and make you feel secure, which are things you desire.  You are the natural romantic.  [Ref 8]


August was an active month for you. Probably involved a lot of socialising and travel. It’s also possible you have become more interested in subjects like such as religion, philosophy and social issues. [Ref: 9]
This may be a challenging, but also rewarding month for you. Taking on the hardest of tasks. It would not surprise me if you are complimented on your hard efforts to achieve your goal. This month could be a good time to start a building project.
Don’t be surprised if you feel an increase in your sex drive this month too, especially if you are single.

[Ref C]

I have a feeling you are good at managing and keeping on top of things.  Expect good relationships and guidance this month with people in authority.  [Ref 11]

Only read the statement below if you were born in September 1971

Born in September 1971. If so, then opportunities to get out and have fun will be present this month. Already in a relationship? Good, this is a romantic time for you. Your partner must be a good one, as you have very high standards when it comes to partners.
But maybe your standards are too high, meaning you are still single. The good news is that you may meet someone new this month. You are incredibly cautious when it comes to love. You like to pretend to be cool and relaxed, but in reality, you’re scared of getting your feelings hurt. [Ref 12]


This month could have you feeling the urge to break free from routine.  Maybe you just really want to do something different from the norm.  With a partner? then it’s likely you desire some freedom to do what you want.  [Ref  13]

Only read the statement below if you were born in October 1971

Born in October 1971? This is a good time to socialise, make new friends and enjoy yourself. If already in a relationship, this is a good time for romance. Your personality really shines when you’re in a loving relationship. You will probably go out your way to ensure you please your partner this month. Currently single? then you may meet someone new. Meeting new people is not that hard for you, as you approach people in a straightforward and direct manner. [Ref 14]


Sorry, I could not find anything in particular this month.


Only read the statement below if you were born in January or November 1971

Were you born in December 1971?  Great!  Socialising, meeting friends and enjoying yourself is the theme this month.  But be careful not to spend too much!  Already have a partner?  Then you will probably enjoy eating out this month.  If single, then you will likely meet someone new.  Your larger-than-life personality is sure to catch someone’s attention.  You also like to use your sense of humour to attract the opposite sex too.  However, you do not like things to get serious too quickly as you enjoy your personal freedom.  [Ref 15]

ANSWER FOR RIDDLE =  2 stars were removed.

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