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Planets in Pisces Sign

Below are natal chart interpretations for planets in Pisces sign.

Mercury in Pisces

Because your mind is ruled by your feelings, you tend to make decisions based on instincts alone, rather than logic. Paying attention to the details of everyday life can be hard for you.

You’re very sensitive and sympathetic, which leads to you being easily hurt, making you moody and negative when you are. You can be shy, but once talking, make an excellent conversationalist who listens really well.

You are artistically-orientated, have a great imagination, and probably a photographic memory. Music and art are things you likely enjoy.

Venus in Pisces

You are a very warm, compassionate, and gracious person with a strong need for love and affection; without this you can feel lost. Falling into and out of love may be very common with you. You are attracted to people’s looks and personality, rather than their social status. Your ideal partner needs to be caring and supportive for you to be completely happy.

Because you are so sensitive you often get hurt. You may see your vulnerability as a negative trait, but this can be very attractive to some people. Your extreme emotional nature makes it easy to relate to art, poetry, nature, and music. It is possible you have special talents in these areas.

Mars in Pisces

Not being that assertive, you like to go with the flow. You are likely to have careers where you are working behind the scenes, rather than in public view. You have intense and unpredictable emotions. You are more interested in helping people, rather than helping yourself.

Your sexual drive is not that high. Certainly, you are romantic, but in order for you to be satisfied, the greater need is emotional rather than physical. You need much intimacy, touching, and romance, otherwise you will just feel unloved. You probably have many romantic fantasies due to your terrific imagination.

Jupiter in Pisces

You are likely to have careers where you are working behind the scenes. Being in the spotlight is not really for you; such positions include public speaking, manager, sales person, or anything else that requires you to be the center of attention. Being quite easy-going, you do not possess much ambition. You are inclined to support the underdog and may be too compassionate for your own good.

Saturn in Pisces

There are deep feelings inside you linked with past experiences; this causes you to be fearful of certain situations throughout your life. By accepting and letting go of your past, it will allow you to develop more as a person.

There is a tendency for you to lack self-confidence and to think negatively, rather than consider the positives of a situation. Also, you may feel obliged to help others, probably more than yourself.

Your emotional problems may lead you to addictive behavior, phobias, or irrational fears.

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Planets in Aquarius Sign

Below are natal chart interpretations for planets in Aquarius sign.

Mercury in Aquarius Sign

You are an original, open-minded, and inventive thinker who has many insights. Always active, your mind thinks of many ideas, some which are rather inventive. People may not always understand where you are coming from, as your thinking is so original and different.

You are not one to follow tradition and likely to rebel against it. This leads to you having unusual ways of doing things. For example, when you study, it is likely to be unusual in some way as you do not like to follow schedules.

The way you speak is witty and clever, and you also having a great sense of humor that is unique. Practical jokes are something that really amuse you. Being a good judge of character, your powers of observation are strong. You enjoy intellectual debates with people.

Venus in Aquarius Sign

You have a sparkle in your personality that produces many friends. You have a romantic side that is cool, calm, and detached. When it comes to love, you are unique, having a different outlook than most people. You do not like to follow all the traditional rules when it comes to love, preferring to do things your own way. This originality has probably led to your dating various types of people from all different kinds of backgrounds. Also, you have little regard for what society, your family, or peers think of your relationships.

You are incredibly friendly, and this can lead to friends turning into lovers without you even knowing at first. Most of your romantic encounters happen suddenly; some even happen in an unusual way.

An ideal partner for you would need to feel like a friend, and appreciate your unique way of doing things. You want people to love you for your intellect, and to admire your visions. You’re also attracted to unusual or unconventional relationships.

Mars in Aquarius Sign

You can potentially be a great leader. You are open-minded, independent, good at organizing, and can meet challenges with much calmness and composure. Working under authority figures such as supervisors is always a problem for you. You demand freedom and the right to speak bluntly. You have a need to find new and unique ways of achieving your goals.

When it comes to sex, you are intrigued by anything new or unconventional. For you, variety is the spice of life. Yet somehow you are usually stable and dependable once you have found a mate. In personal relationships, you can be somewhat detached, which can be baffling and frustrating to more personal and affectionate personalities.

Jupiter in Aquarius Sign

You are willing to speak to anyone and can be very tolerant of people. Their race, background, or religion does not matter to you. Dealing with people is something you have a talent for. There is a need for you to help others.

Saturn in Aquarius Sign

You have a scientific mind that is inventive and original. There is a need for you to work within a group of people.

You are a good friend, responsible, and always loyal. Yet making friends may be a problem as you tend to be a loner at times; the truth is that you actually want to be part of a group. It may help if you admit how you feel sometimes, and that you are unhappy. This can be very difficult for you, because you have always acted like you are “cool for being different.”

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Planets in Capricorn Sign

Below are natal chart interpretations for planets in Capricorn sign.

Mercury in Capricorn

You are a person who thinks in a practical and methodical way. You’re slow to learn but retain knowledge for a very long time. You choose words carefully before you say them, as you don’t want to appear foolish. There is a need for you to have structure and organization to your life. You have little patience with those who don’t understand things that seem obvious to you.

If you have to plan something, it will most likely be done incredibly well, as you take your time with planning to ensure that what you are doing is fool-proof. Insecure about your mental abilities, you work hard to develop education and experience. Lack of education is something you may be a bit defensive about. You only care about ideas that have practical value, and don’t like to waste time with numerous theories.

You will not commit to something without knowing all the details first. Your deep concentration and lack of showing enthusiasm can make you appear serious to most. You have the capacity to become an expert in your field because you dedicate time to learn as much as you can about a specific topic.

Venus in Capricorn

When it comes to relationships, you fear rejection and loneliness. Because of this, you have trouble expressing your true feelings. These feelings may be strong on the inside, but they are hard for you to express; partners see you as emotionally distant or reserved. You show your affections through actions, rather than words. You are attracted to serious and goal-orientated people.

Mars in Capricorn

You are a very hard-working, practical individual, and focus much energy into your career. There is a strong desire for you to be recognized in some way and to achieve material success. You have the discipline to deal with daily life easily, always being on top of things. You’re a very responsible and reliable person, but sometimes take responsibility far too seriously. Also, you can have a pessimistic attitude, expecting the worst in situations.

You want a partner who can give you a secure long-term relationship. You may have a unique ability to suppress your sexual urges completely to pursue career objectives so that you are not distracted. You also have great control over your anger.

When it comes to sex, you don’t like to rush, preferring to enjoy the moment. You are also rather straightforward and unadventurous in this area, not being too fussy about experimenting with new techniques. Breaking old habits is difficult for you.

Jupiter in Capricorn

You seek professional status and recognition. You want to see real results that others can point to as yours. With your fine organizational skills and step-by-step approach to tasks, there are many careers that you are suited to.

If you believe you are right, you will argue very hard for your point of view. You enjoy taking responsibility and being in a position of authority. You work hard to gain the approval of authority figures.

Saturn in Capricorn

You have tremendous ambition and a desire for a successful career. Being hard-working and dependable, you want to take on responsibility. Progression in your career is slow, but the steady pace will eventually pay off, probably later in life. You are talented at organizing and planning, and have much common sense.

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Planets in Sagittarius Sign

Below are natal chart interpretations for planets in Sagittarius sign.

Mercury in Sagittarius

You are an incredibly optimistic and enthusiastic person who speaks in a direct and blunt way. Sometimes you say exactly what’s on your mind, which may cause arguments. Being very sociable, you talk to anyone who will listen. You like to have a laugh with others. You have a great thirst for knowledge, but do not like being forced to learn, especially if you can’t have fun while doing it.

When studying, it is hard for you to focus on any single subject for too long. You prefer theories, rather than concrete, practical evidence of how things are done. Your wonderful imagination probably makes you a natural storyteller. You also like to have an intellectual debate with people, expressing many of your views. You are a very open-minded person, willing to listen to unconventional views.

Being organized is something you probably struggle with. You are very independent and adaptable.

Venus in Sagittarius

You are a sociable person who is well-liked and attract many people with your larger-than-life personality. This includes your big smile, laugh, sense of humor, and your friendly, flirtatious nature. Personal freedom is important to you, especially in relationships. You would prefer a relationship to be taken at a slow pace; a partner who is too serious too soon will make you feel uncomfortable.

You need to know where you stand in relationships; this is why you let partners know your true feelings. However, when the going gets tough in your relationship, you have an overwhelming need to run away. You are attracted to people who are in love with life.

Mars in Sagittarius

You are a person who always likes to keep busy, and who stands up for what you believe in. You have a cheerful, fun-loving presence that makes you welcome in any social gathering. Also, you are very outspoken, and sometimes go to extremes where people may become offended.

Your attention span is short, which has led to you having many hobbies and interests; the problem is you fail to be totally dedicated to any of them. You love to have a good time, and rarely are found sitting still for too long.

You are not one to be tied down to a relationship due to your great need for freedom. When it comes to sex, you are direct and blunt, but can also be very passionate. Open-mindedness and good humor turn you on.

When you get angry, you feel like running. You have to do something to take your mind off of it.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

You are a carefree, outgoing, optimistic individual. You enjoy making life better for others. You are an outdoors type, fond of sports, and travel. You have a serious interest in matters relating to philosophy, religion, or significant social issues.

Saturn in Sagittarius

You have a serious approach to religion, education, and philosophy. You are a highly principled person who believes in earning what you achieve through hard work and determination. Reputation is very important to you.

It is likely your education was restricted somehow which has probably led to you educating yourself. Traditional in views, you adjust to change slowly, and with much resistance. Challenges in life are likely to be associated with religious or philosophical views.

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Planets in Scorpio Sign

Below are natal chart interpretations for planets in Scorpio sign.

Mercury in Scorpio Sign

You are an intelligent person who is talented at seeing through people or getting to the bottom of things to reveal any hidden truths. This makes you a good judge of character because you see things in people that others do not see. This is why you absolutely hate superficial people as it is easy for you to see their true character. This observational skill you have also makes you a good researcher and investigator.

It is probably hard for people to win an argument with you due to your sharp tongue. Often you say what your mind is thinking. You absolutely hate anything superficial in people. You are not scared to delve into subjects nobody else wants to explore.

Sometimes you may come across as too critical of others, or things in general. Be aware, as this may annoy other, more optimistic people. You are incredibly loyal to your friends, and good at keeping any secrets, especially your own.

If fond of a subject, you speak passionately about it. However, if not interested, you will do all you can to avoid it; this may have caused you major problems at school. You are most likely interested in mystical and paranormal subjects. Possible psychic talents may be present.

Venus in Scorpio Sign

When it comes to romance, you are very intense, and approach people you like in a straightforward, determined, and direct manner. In order for you to be happy in a relationship, it will need to be deep and meaningful, and filled with emotion. For you there must be total commitment, otherwise you would rather have nothing.

Because your feelings in relationships are so intense, you may come across as slightly possessive of your partner. You are likely a very sexy person. You may find it difficult to tell someone that you like him or her, because you are afraid of being rejected.

Mars in Scorpio Sign

You are the type of person that gives 100% or nothing at all; this applies to every thing you do. When you do give it your all, you have incredible will power and persistence. This is the extreme part of your nature which also applies to your anger. You keep your cool and your stability on the surface. Below the surface may be another story, filled with repressed anger ready to explode at any moment. When you’re in this state of mind, you are likely to become rather sarcastic and snappy with people.

You are also extreme when it comes to confrontation; sometimes you say nothing at all, and other times you go over the top. You rarely lose control, but when you do, you stop at nothing to get more than even with someone. The frightening display of the anger you show shocks people.

It is possible you have the ability to see through others, easily reading their true motives.

When it comes to sex, you are intensely passionate and sensual. You are likely to be especially attractive to the opposite sex, whether or not you are physically attractive. You may be fascinated with sexuality in all its expressions; certainly your interest is always keen. Your interest in sex may lead you to experiment sexually, trying many different things. Even things that are considered socially or culturally unacceptable (taboos) may be of interest to you.

You’re a very loyal friend, but also a bitter enemy; betrayal is something you never forget. You’re jealous and possessive of your sexual partners.

Jupiter in Scorpio Sign

You are suited to careers where there is a need to be investigative or dig beneath the surface. Your beliefs and moral views are intense and hard to change. You have a flair for business and finance.

Saturn in Scorpio Sign

Deep down inside, there is a part of you that is kept secret; powerful emotions are kept under strict control, maybe even repressed. This may have caused you many problems in your life, as your true personality is unable to be totally revealed to others. Love relationships can be a fine example of this; revealing your true feelings to your partners may be very difficult.

On the more positive side, your powerful emotions give you much drive, determination, and endurance to achieve your goals. If someone has annoyed or upset you, there is often a nagging desire to get even with them. You may have obsessive tendencies.

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Planets in Libra Sign

Below are natal chart interpretations for planets in Libra sign.

Mercury in Libra

You have a mind that is very stable and rational. When it comes to dealing with people and expressing your opinions, you are very fair. Arguments are something you dislike and would prefer to discuss issues in a civilized manner. You are easy to talk to and reply honestly. You know how to handle people and treat them with care. If you are to tell someone about their faults, you will express it in a gentle way, also considering their sensitivity.

Venus in Libra

You are a sociable person who is easy to get along with. People feel comfortable with you and appreciate your natural charm, manners, and sophistication. Situations where there is conflict make you feel uncomfortable; harmony is very important to you. Because of this, you probably go out of your way to please your friends, making sure your friendship is harmonious at all times. If someone hurts your feelings, you are not one to hold a grudge or try to get even.

You’re a true romantic who falls in love far too easily. Your personality truly shines when you’re in a committed loving relationship. A romantic setting such as a candlelight dinner can really stimulate you. Marriage is very important to you.

Mars in Libra

It is difficult for you to assert yourself as you may fear any form of aggression towards you. Because of this, dealing with confrontations, arguments, and physical interactions from others can be hard for you to deal with. Although you have a harmonious nature, you become incredibly angry when you believe something is wrong or unfair. You are likely to be more assertive in these situations.

Making decisions can also be difficult, as you like to weigh all the alternatives before taking action. When it comes to love, you are very affectionate and romantic; emotional satisfaction is more important to you then sex. You are attracted to partners that are aggressive and energetic.

Jupiter in Libra

You have an especially strong sense of justice and moral principles. You are very considerate of others and understand the principle of cooperation for solving problems and making progress.

Saturn in Libra

It is likely you will marry late in life, probably due to some kind of obstacles getting in your way. A successful marriage will require much patience and hard work.

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Planets in Virgo Sign

Below are natal chart interpretations for planets in Virgo sign.

Mercury in Virgo

You have a logical and analytical mind that pays a lot of attention to detail. You may see yourself as a perfectionist, striving for precision in all that you do. At work, you probably re-check your work many times to ensure it is done perfectly.

You can do very well if you are well-educated and have specialized skills; this is because you are efficient and a perfectionist in all that you do. Also, you like to put anything you have learned into practical use.

You don’t see the point in learning something unless it has a practical use. You’re a very hands-on person. Reading is something you enjoy.

Venus in Virgo

You are the type of person who is willing to help out your friends. There is also a tendency for you to criticize your friends too, and even yourself. When it comes to romance, you are very cautious, and pretend to be cool and relaxed. However, this is just an act, because deep inside, you’re scared of getting your feelings hurt. Also, you want to know what to expect in a romantic situations, and sometimes this isn’t easy to predict.

You have very high standards when it comes to finding a partner; maybe you want perfection. This can make it extremely hard for you to settle down, as finding a partner that meets your high expectations is difficult. A suitable partner for you would also need to show an appreciation of all the little things you do for them. The problem is that you do these things so quietly that partners may not always notice all these kind gestures.

Mars in Virgo

You are the type of person who likes to plan before you act. When you do act, it’s usually based on practical reasons, with every detail carefully thought out. You’re a natural perfectionist, being highly critical in all that you do.

Because you think in such a practical and logical way, you may lack imagination and innovation. In the work place, you can be a difficult person because you are so particular about everything being done correctly. But at the same time, people can depend on you to get the job done right. Multi-tasking is also something you are great at, but be careful not to take on too much at once or become a workaholic.

You may have trouble expressing yourself sexually, even if you have a strong sex drive. You have a knack for handling a wide variety of tasks at once, and a tendency to take on perhaps too much at the same time.

Jupiter in Virgo

You may take on large projects only to get bogged down because of your need to be correct on every detail. You have a cautious, practical, and scientific outlook on life.

Saturn in Virgo

You are an incredibly hard worker who is precise, accurate, efficient, careful, and neat. You may worry too much about trivial problems.

You are too critical of yourself, and undervalue your talents and potential for success. Don’t think you have to be perfect to succeed.

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Planets in Leo Sign

Below are natal chart interpretations for planets in Leo sign.

Mercury in Leo Sign

You are enthusiastic and have very strong will power. You have a one-track mind, which focuses on only one thing at a time. You enjoy learning, but only about subjects that generally interest you. You may have a particular interest in the stock market, theatre, or art. You are slow to make decisions, and don’t like changing your mind once you have decided upon something; some people may see this as stubborn.

Often you speak passionately and enthusiastically which makes you good at story telling, and persuading others to your ideas. Also, you are good at seeing the big picture, but may overlook the small details. Creativity is especially important to you.

Venus in Leo Sign

You are a warm-hearted, fun-loving person who craves attention. You’re very sociable and love being the center of attention at parties, and other social gatherings. When it comes to love, you are a natural romantic. If you are female, you enjoy being taken out, and treated special. If you are male, you enjoy taking partners to special places.

There must be drama and excitement when it comes to romance otherwise you become bored. You are threatened by a relationship that appears to have settled too much, or one that’s lost its spark. Also, you need to feel proud of a partner and respect who they are for you to like them. Once settled down with someone, you are an extremely stable and loyal partner. Any break ups of relationships are likely to end very bitter. You are a lover of children.

Mars in Leo Sign

There is much energy and confidence in the way you express yourself that gets people’s attention. You love being the center of attention, and will do whatever it takes to be recognized and appreciated. Also, you are extremely opinionated, which may result in making enemies.

When it comes to sex, you enjoy much drama and excitement. Being fairly easy to arouse, you enjoy sex more than most, but you do need love and romance to go with it. You like to express your sexuality by being very affectionate and dramatic. An ideal partner needs to be very loyal and pay a lot of attention to you; otherwise you will probably lose interest.

Sometimes you can be jealous and possessiveness in relationships.

Jupiter in Leo Sign

You have great optimism, self confidence, and generosity. Be careful not to get carried away with gambling, as this is part of your nature. This includes any form of gambling such as horses, cards, investing, etc. You may also have a love of children.

Saturn in Leo Sign

Achieving personal recognition is important to you, but expressing the creative talent that’s hidden inside is difficult. You may have unreasonably high expectations for yourself and for those around you. If you have children, you are likely to be very strict with them. Children may be viewed as somewhat restrictive or a burden. You may have a tendency to gamble.

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Planets in Cancer Sign

Below are natal chart interpretations for planets in Cancer sign.

Mercury in Cancer

Your mind is very influenced by your emotions rather then logic or common sense. You have an exceptional memory, especially when it comes to names, dates, and historical events. Because family is so important to you, photos and family history is usually collected. In fact, you have an appreciation of history in general.

You communicate with feeling and come across as sensitive, and possibly withdrawn. Because of this sensitivity, you are easily hurt by unfriendly remarks. Sometimes you take things way too personally which can make you appear defensive. You’re a good listener and can really connect with people on a one-to-one basis.

Venus in Cancer

You are deeply sensitive when it comes to romance, but hide this vulnerability behind a somewhat dignified exterior. Because of this sensitivity, you approach love relationships with great caution to prevent your feelings from being hurt. You are kind-hearted and sympathetic to your partners, taking on a nurturing or ‘mothering’ role. Keeping control of your emotions is not always possible; this results in you having fluctuating and unpredictable mood swings.

An ideal partner for you would need to demonstrate their love for you in order to make you feel secure.

Mars in Cancer

You seem to resist change and shy away from direct confrontations. Instead of being assertive and direct, you are rather defensive and protective, especially of family and co-workers. You prefer to handle situations peacefully, but can sometimes be argumentative and manipulative once annoyed. It is hard for you to be fixed in your goals, constantly changing your mind. Having a secure home life is important to you.

When it comes to sex, you are a very sexual and sensual person who can display much emotion in this area. You turn others on with your overly protective nature. You are not likely to cheat, as you are very loyal, and demand the same from your partner.

Jupiter in Cancer

You have a thorough understanding of what is right or wrong, which was probably instilled in you by your parents at an early age.

Security for yourself and your family is very important to you; this is probably the reason why you are careful about spending money. You have an emotional attachment to food which can cause weight problems. You are likely to be a good cook.

Saturn in Cancer

Your childhood was most likely an unloving one, and full of problems, which still emotionally scar you to this day. This has resulted in a lack of closeness and warmth between you and family members. Having your own home is very important to you, and you’re likely to work very hard for this.      

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Planets in Gemini Sign

Below are natal chart interpretations for planets in Gemini sign.

Mercury in Gemini Sign

You are a very bright person who speaks in a rapid and smooth manner, while also throwing in a bit of humor now and again.  Communicating is generally easy for you, both verbally and written.  You think logically and are capable of quick decision-making.  There are many things that interest you, but you never dig deep into just one subject.  You have an intense curiosity that leads you to want to know a little about nearly everything.  This is why you have the ability to keep a conversation interesting.

Because your mind is lighting-quick, it is easy for you to win arguments, even if you are wrong.  Spotting weaknesses in people is easy for you.  If given proper training, you excel in mathematics as well as in language.

Venus in Gemini Sign

People see you as open, friendly, witty, and sometimes flirtatious.  You’re good in a conversation and very curious about people.  Being easily bored, you need many experiences in your life.  Therefore, an ideal partner for you would need to keep things exciting and changeable; doing the same things over and over again is boring for you.  They must also appreciate your intellect.  You are very popular.

Mars in Gemini Sign

You have an active mind that thinks about many things at once.  Anything that uses your mind interests you, such as debating.  This is something you are very good at, drawing upon your sharp wit to win arguments.  Changing your job regularly is not uncommon with you, since there is much restlessness in your nature; also, you love variety.

Your love for variety suggests many romantic relationships for you, most of which were quite superficial.  Dedicating yourself to any one special partner may be a hard thing for you to do.  You may be quite a fidgety and nervous person.

Jupiter in Gemini Sign

Being intellectually curious and open to new ideas, you tend to touch upon many different subjects, but never completely focus on just one.  It does make you an interesting person to talk to due to your versatile knowledge of many subjects.

Saturn in Gemini Sign

You approach things in a logical and adaptable way, facing problems in a cool and calm manner.  Reasoning and problem-solving abilities are exceptional; potentially you could be great in scientific or mathematical fields of work. Early education or communication may have been a problem for you.

When it comes to business, you have much common sense, cutting through details and getting to the facts.        

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