The Fool Tarot Card Meaning: Upright, Reversed, and More

The Fool’s tarot card is numbered 0, which means an unlimited amount of potential. As the Major Arcana, The Fool is often considered the start of the Fool’s life journey; therefore, this card is numbered 0.

The sun rising behind him is the beginning of his journey. He was facing northwest in an unknown direction. He looked up at the sky. He was about to step on a path with steep cliffs, but was he ready?

He had all the tools and resources he needed in his bag, but he hadn’t opened his bag yet. The white rose symbolizes purity and innocence. He had a guard, a little white dog who would protect him throughout his journey. The mountains behind represent the world he has just left and will spend his life trying new things and only returning to his world someday.

Understanding The Positions

The Meaning When The Card Faces Upright

The Fool is a card that may show a potential, new beginnings, and innocence. This card shows that you have the potential to start something new, where every day is an adventure, and you wholeheartedly live every moment that happens in your life.

It represents the beginning of all creativity and the desire to achieve a new goal (or at least the process towards that goal). This card shows that anything can happen in your life, and opportunities will always exist depending on how you take advantage of the opportunities that exist.

The Fool embarks on a new journey that is completely unknown and will take you to uncharted territory. It’s always about new experiences. There are many psychic readers that will ask you to be brave for the journey ahead. Why? Because The Fool asks you to leap, believe in the flow of the universe, that you are capable of starting a new journey, and be confident that you will find success.

The Fool lives a carefree life, free from worries and anxieties. He didn’t care what happened next.

However, an important decision still needs to be made. If you’re facing doubt, The Fool encourages you to believe in yourself and follow your heart no matter how crazy or desperate you may be. This is when you have to believe and have faith in where the universe will take you.

This is a good card to ponder if you experience much fear. The Fool means that you must be braver, ready to take risks and open a new chapter in your life.

The Fool describes the figure of a person without fear. We never know what will happen in the future, but like fools, we must go forward and take whatever may come. You have to believe that, over time, you will become a better individual because you grow from the experiences you have in your life. You must be able to see and take any opportunities and see what happens in the future.

The Reversed Position

The Inverted Fool indicates that you may act regardless of the consequences and risks involved. Or you’ve been acting ‘stupid.’

You try to live in the present without planning for the future at all. You’re acting recklessly. The reverse fool also means that you do not understand the decisions or consequences you take, so in the end, you‘ll end up with worse results.

If you are offered a grandiose opportunity, it is very important to do more research before taking it so you don’t make a wrong move. Do not be tempted by the lure or attractive offers that are lies and will only harm you.

In a career reading, The Fool upside down indicates that you feel uncomfortable being in a work environment. You feel you do not fit in with your workplace’s circumstances and work situation.

You want to feel competent and don’t want to look like an idiot. You want to be respected because you don’t want to start over again. In a relationship reading, The Fool upside down can indicate that you may not be sure where the relationship is headed. In a relationship, you may be too risk-taking and not think long-term. So the relationship may fail because you have no certainty in undergoing a serious relationship.

About Health

The Fool can indicate that you are vulnerable to falling or being injured. So be careful when doing high-risk activities.

For example, on a trip, you may enjoy the beauty of nature so much that you forget to see where your feet are going, so you may fall and get injured.

The Fool also means that your health is likely to improve. You will likely have a fast from your illness if you are sick.


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