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Astrological symbols

Astrological symbols – Their Origin and Meaning

Introduction to Astrological Symbols

Astrology is classed as a “pseudo-science” by the US National Science Board.  Humans have always gazed up towards the stars in wonder.  Astrology is an ancient discipline where human beings link events to the positions of celestial bodies.  Human beings have tracked the objects in the sky for thousands of years.  The most likely object to be tracked first was the Sun.  Knowing the motion of the sun helped our ancestors plant their crops at the correct times, which is essential to survival.  They also realised particular star patterns in the sky appear at different times in the year.  The sky was divided into certain patterns or objects called constellations, which was used to navigate.  Technology has progressed humans understanding of the sun, moon and planets regarding motion.  Astrological symbols were created as a way of understanding objects seen in the sky.  Each planet has a particular symbol allocated to it.  Also constellations that follow the Sun’s apparent ecliptic path were allocated symbols, and split into 12 segments such as Aries and Taurus.

Astrological Symbols and Astrology Charts

Someone who studies and practices astrology is called an astrologer.  An astrologer studies via detailed books on the subject.  They can also attend college courses dedicated to astrology.  They look for correlations between people and celestial bodies outside our planet. To interpret these, the astrological symbols of the zodiac is used, which is commonly called a horoscope.  A horoscope is a circular chart split into 12 separate constellation called zodiac signs.  The sun, moon and planets are then plotted on this chart for a particular time and location.  The chart represents where celestial bodies are in the sky at a given time, from the point of view here on earth.  Each astrological symbol on a chart has a different meaning.  Each express certain personality or character traits. Astrology is used to forecast particular events or gain insight into ones personality.

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