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Ascendant Sign Interpretations

ARIES Ascendant Sign

You may have a rather swift walk that is surprisingly distinctive which gives the impression of ruggedness and strength. Also, you probably come across as slightly eccentric and energetic. People see you as a direct, courageous, and enthusiastic person who is not scared to take action or be assertive.

TAURUS Ascendant Sign

You take your look very seriously, and dress with real flair. Your clothes are always stylish, rather classical, of fine quality, and good taste. People see you as a sensible and grounded individual who has much determination. Sometimes you may be perceived as stubborn too, as you are quite resistant to change.

CANCER Ascendant Sign

People see you as an emotional, caring, and sweet person who is easily flustered, especially in crowds. You are most likely shy in new situations or when meeting new people. You approach these situations with caution, and gradually allow yourself to warm up to the situation as you get a bit more comfortable.

GEMINI Ascendant Sign

You have a look of fineness and swiftness, with a laid-back style. You move your eyes and hands quickly, and in various ways.

LEO Ascendant Sign

You come across as someone who is showy, maybe wearing jewelry and other accessories. Clothes may be of a bright color such as yellow. People see you as an honest and generous person who has much pride. Regardless of your physique, you cannot help but be noticed. You have a personality that is excessively charged with passion and sexual desire. You radiate a special energy and magnetism that gets others’ attention. Sometimes you love this attention and may even show off. You may sometimes be loud vocal-wise, or just pay a lot of attention to your personal appearance (especially the hair).

VIRGO Ascendant Sign

You look rather elegant, serious, and discreet. Your energy is introverted, but it can sometimes be extroverted. People see you as an intelligent and observant person who likes to analyze things around you.

LIBRA Ascendant Sign

People see you as a nice, pleasant, and fair individual who is a very attractive person. Your easy-going and friendly nature makes a good impression on people; also, people love your charming smile. You pay a lot of attention to your appearance, such as the colors you wear, your hair, even the way you walk.

SCORPIO Ascendant Sign

In general, your look comes across as dark in nature. You present an image of charm, power, secrecy, and seriousness. People see you as a private and intense individual who has much presence about them. Some people may be intimidated by you, probably because you have the ability to see right through people, seeing people’s true motives. Generally people will either hate or love you.

SAGITTARIUS Ascendant Sign

You are very extroverted and radiate charisma, liveliness, and energy. People see you as an outgoing and enthusiastic person who is quite a talker. Also, you are very restless, always wanting to travel and move around.

CAPRICORN Ascendant Sign

You may have the overall look of a scientist, philosopher, or wise person. There’s a seriousness to you that is unmistakable, even when you are joking around. You come across to others as a serious, hard-working individual, yet very down to earth.

AQUARIUS Ascendant Sign

The image you project to the world is someone who is unique and likeable. People are attracted to you like a magnet, which is why you have many friends. You dress in a slightly different way which gets other people’s attention, but not enough to stand out like a sore thumb.

PISCES Ascendant Sign

People see you as someone who is friendly, honest, and a great listener.

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