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Top Astrology Books for Beginners

If you’ve recently dived into the world of astrology, and you don’t yet know where to start off, the following list is for you. Handpicked from the very best of best from the last decade or so, these astrology books represent the science as it is, while at the same time making it an easy ready for just about anybody.

Below are the 10 Astrology Books


Parker’s Astrology

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The Definitive Guide to Using Astrology in Every Aspect of Your Life (Julia Parker).  This is an excellent introduction to the world of astrology – and will serve good to both beginners and veterans who are trying to rewind the clock. The book is well edited, with hard covers, large format text, comes with illustrations and presents numerous texts to interpret a chart (aspects, transits, progressions, locations of planets in signs and houses). All in all, a very complete book.

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