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Astrology is an intriguing subject when it comes to gambling such as horse racing.  This article explains how astrological techniques could help with horse race betting.  Below we have also provided a link to free horse racing tips based on these techniques.  To help understand how astrology may help with gambling, we first need to understand what luck actually is.

What is luck?

Can we control our own luck? Yes I believe you can with enough knowledge.  The outcome of a dice roll is determined by the dice starting position, speed, rotation and trajectory.  If we knew all of these factors then our ‘luck’ of predicting the outcome would be increased.  We would know that the dice is more likely to land on a particular number.  Therefore ask yourself, is a dice roll completely random?

I believe some people gamble because they see a predictable pattern in an event such as roulette, horse racing and fruit machines.  In fact humans in general are rather good at noticing patterns, mathematics could not exist without it! Patterns can even be found in some random number generators using special computer software.  Making numbers truly random using computers is very challenging, after all a computer just follows instructions.  Randomness is the opposite to following instructions.

In gambling, luck could probably be defined as being statistically more successful over others.


How can astrology help with horse race betting?

First of all do you believe what happens outside our planet directly effects life on earth? If not then let explain how I see it.

Take the life of a plant seed.  The main events in a seeds life is affected by the sun.  In fact you could predict the life of a seed only by the suns celestial position.  To get more information about a seeds life we could also take into account how the suns position will affect the weather where the seed is.  This pattern is easy to notice due to the simplicity of a plants life.

As an astrologer I believe this concept is true for human life.  I believe patterns made by the sun, moon and planets are linked with certain human life events and traits.  Although the universe appears chaotic, there is a beautiful order to it defined by mathematical equations.  By studying patterns like astrologers do, you can increase your luck.  The problem is most people do not have the knowledge or computing power to analyse patterns on a large scale.

A slight statistical advantage could be achieved if all free horse racing tips were analysed on the internet.  The website below does just that, many racing tips are combined to give you the best chance of wining using their tips.

Tips 2 Win is a great website for free horse racing tips.

More free horse racing tips websites coming soon!

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