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Astrology chart drawing

History of Astrology


Man has always searched for answers surrounding nature and existence. It was not long before human beings realized that they could understand such mysteries through celestial objects and planets. It is believed that the history of astrology began when humans started measuring seasonal changes and using astronomical patterns to predict their frequency.

History of astrology – Mesopotamia and Babylon 

The history of astrology likely starts within the Babylon period.  The first system of organized astrology was first used in Babylon around the second millennium BC. Soon after 3000BC, patterns in the galaxy were identified and named. The early astronomers of Mesopotamia identified five stars wandering in the galaxy. There was extensive use of omen-based astrology by the sixteenth century BC. During this time, Babylonians used astrology to predict weather patterns and political affairs.

Astrological symbols were mainly used to indicate seasonal activities. These include fishing, harvesting, sowing crops, and hunting. By the 4th century, Babylonians had made huge mathematical advancements. This enabled them to calculate planetary positions with a certain level of accuracy.

History of astrology

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