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Astrology Predictions

How Astrology Predictions Are Made

There are different ways of predicting the future through astrology. Though, one of the most common methods for astrology predictions is known as “Transits.” It follows a straightforward technique, such as determining the zodiacal positions of the planets for a specific date.  These planetary ‘transit’ positions are super-imposed on a persons astrological natal chart.  A natal chart is a the positions of the sun, moon and planets at the time of someone’s birth.  The result of the transit planets overlapping the natal chart is then analyzed.

To predict the future effectively, it is important to have an understanding of how to interpret astrological charts.   Astrologists consider everything that the chart represents, such as the angles each planets makes to each other.  And where about the planets fall on the astrological chart.  For instance, if Jupiter is moving through Capricorn and the birth chart is Leo Rising, then Capricorn will be the sixth house sign.  While the transit of Jupiter (planet of enlargement and opportunity) will be foreseen as an opportunity for better employment of that person.

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Astrology vs Psychics Readings

This article astrology vs psychic readings tries to compare major differences between the two.  Many people assume these two disciplines are the same.

What are astrology readings?

Astrology vs psychic readings, what is the difference? Before I answer this question, I first want to explain the principles behind astrology.

You may know astrology more for its star signs in newspapers and magazines.  They claim to describe your personality depending on when you were born, or be able to predict your future.  Some people will match these readings, while others may not.  This leads people to become skeptical of astrologers.

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