Scorpio Star Sign Compatibility

Scorpio Star Sign & Aries

Aries and Scorp are destined to learn from one another but do they like the lesson? Can they put up with one another long enough to glean any info? Scorpy mystique reels in Ramzilla. Aries energy intrigues Scorpio. Both share intensity, life lust, flair, and ambition. Scorpio can’t stand the glib simplicity of Aries. Aries shows Scorpio how not to brood. Scorpio sets Aries an example of how to get needs met without ramming the gates and screeching about respect. Aries enhances Scorp reality. Scorpio deepens Aries reality. Power tripping finishes off this relationship even more quickly than it began. Both parts of this duo have an ego and a temper. Ramzilla must go beneath the surface to get along with Scorpio but Aries fears this will slow the momentum. Scorpios simply fear for their sanity should they linger in the Ramzilla orbit for too long. This is not an impossible love affair—it’s just it either lasts for what seems like a few moments or forever. The stakes are so high but so are the rewards.

Scorpio Star Sign & Taurus

This life altering love affair is never, ever a shallow fling. Either party can skitter into it with the most casually exploitative intentions and wind up being a soul mate. Scorp’s drawn by Taurean beauty, sensuality, and stability. Taurean stubbornness mirrors Scorp’s own and both see it as a sign of strength. Scorp adores the Taurean ability to nurture them—most other Sun signs are too freaked out to even imagine giving Scorpio that safe sensation. Taurus wants to soothe the rattled Scorp brow, put their feet up for a nice little reflexology massage, and make them some cookies. In return, Scorp gives Taurus the mind blowing bedroom compatibility they’ve longed for. Each shares a deep, intense devotion. Taurus and Scorp are also socially compatible. Neither wants to be out for the sake of being out, or have some experience just because it’s there. Each rejects what they see as fake fun. Anger arises when Taurus bags Scorp’s wilder side. Scorpio simply will not have that and neither will budge.

Scorpio Star Sign & Gemini

Gemini mind-tripping at first threatens hard-won Scorpio serenity. The apparently casual Gemini style of flirting irks Scorp no end. Scorpio wants to pin down the Gemini for an “us” chat. This doesn’t work because Gemini loves Scorpio mystique—it offers what Gemini loves most, a challenge. These two are so different and yet so potentially compatible. The very intense Scorpio mind benefits from Gemini’s lighter touch. Gemini, everyone knows, can definitely do with a depth charge of Scorpio reality. Each is accustomed to being so attractive to others and relishing the complications this brings. Trust is an issue to be sorted out as soon as possible. Scorpio likes to possess the lover. Gemini needs space as others require oxygen. Few social scenes are as ugly as the Scorp frogmarching garrulous Gemini out of a party, following a little too much Scorp—excluding shared laughter. But this can be a beautiful relationship. Gemini grows up and Scorpio grows young. Each is forever keen on the other’s bedwork and insights.

Scorpio Star Sign & Cancer

Scorp and Crab are instantly very sympathetic. This is one of the most astrologically compatible pairings of the zodiac. There is often a magical element—synchronicity–fate?—to their first meeting. It feels so right. Scorpio is irresistibly drawn to the moodiness of Crab though appalled by their propensity for grizzling. Scorpio has turned “just getting on with it” into an art form. Crab can be emotionally petrified by the sheer weight of melancholy perception. Scorpio fixes that, imbuing Crab with their own sharky instincts. Crab gives Scorp the benefit of emotional wisdom and insights sometimes lacking in fixed Scorpio. Crab understands Scorpio in a way no other can. Each can find peace and happiness with the other, as never felt before. Scorpio must remember that Crab sensitivities do not respond to the scathing Scorp sting. Money and shared values can be a battleground. Sex and shared values are unlikely to be. These are true lovers, waiting for destiny to bring them together.

Scorpio Star Sign & Leo

Leo shows off. Scorpio, also hot, glowers in the corner with a whip. It could happen. This is a strong, sexy, and yet tense, sometimes kinky, dynamic. It needs mega compromise and neither the Scorp nor the most neo of Leos are good at giving in. Life in this love affair becomes hyper-real. Each is initially addicted to the other. It could turn into a cliché if both sides are not careful to honour the other’s reality. Scorp literally can’t believe the homage demanded by the Leo’s ego. Leo wonders why Scorpio is so obsessive about things that don’t matter. “Let’s live it up,” bellows Leo. Scorpio brings it back down to something very tedious to Leo. Denied oxygen in the form of flattery, Leo stalks off to a more hospitable part of the savannah. Made a gibbering fool of, Scorp demands revenge. Sex and drama work just fine but, for long term, it needs work. In Leo–Scorp Utopia, Scorp learns how to look on the sunnier side of life. Leo gains insight into life after their hair looking hot and making an entrance. They bond.

Scorpio Star Sign & Virgo

Virgo compulsion meets Scorp obsession and everyone gets along—for a while. But maybe forever? Virgo loves that Scorpio goes deep into life. Scorp adores the keen analytical mind of Virgo. Both love each other in bed. Scorp doesn’t resent Virgo leaping out of bed at dawn to steam-clean a few shirts or disinfect the toilet seat. It may even turn Scorpio on. Virgo dissects and unravels scenarios. Scorp does a deep probe. These two could talk for hours in between bouts of bedwork and fulfilling ambitions. Scorp gets annoyed at how Virgo likes to meet and bond with a variety of people. Scorp could quite happily consume much of their energy with those already known, always going deeper. Virgo can be a bit like a more sensible version of Gemini, a sign many Scorps have officially sworn off. Scenes of drama, especially public, alienate Virgo. They can’t bear undue intensity. Scorp gets off on it. Work through such issues and they’re together, forever.

Scorpio Star Sign & Libra

Someone who is Scorpio star is direct, unflinching, and uncompromising. Libra oozes charming euphemism. They specialise in being light and airy, not treading on delicate subjects or trekking off along difficult paths of conversation. Libra does small talk. Scorpio doesn’t see the point of opening their mouth if it’s not big talk. Scorpio can scorn the glam social life. To Libra, it’s essential. Loving these little foibles assures the good life. Blissful sack synergy comes true. Libra, though infuriating, is good for Scorp. Life with Libra lifts sulky Scorp spirits and broadens that sometimes narrow mind. Librans can see both sides of a situation, something Scorps are notoriously unable to do. Libra’s mental flexibility helps jolt Scorp out of what can be a stagnant attitude. Scorpio sex appeal gets it on with Libran beauty. In return, Scorp helps Libra be less dithery and indecisive, less of a social chameleon, and more in touch with whatever it is they really do think.

Scorpio Star Sign & Scorpio

For two Scorps to mate successfully, they must first neutralise their respective stings. Venom is not an appropriate bodily fluid for them to be exchanging. If things are not too compulsive and out of control, this is a beautiful relationship between two people capable of truly “getting” one another. Nobody else will quite understand Scorp depth and complexity so well as another Scorp. They are perfectly suited in bed and are able to use such activity to sort out any disputes. One potentially troublesome issue is their mutual propensity to take things to the limit. It would be horrid if, for example, they egged each other on to join a cult. Brinksmanship must be avoided and loyalty evoked. For bliss to manifest, they must strive to be a duo of positivity, embodying the beautiful Phoenix aspect of Scorpio, rather than the jealously bitched up and grudge flashpoint fixating vibe of the Scorpion.

Scorpio Star Sign & Sagittarius

They’re so weirdly different from one another that it’s almost crazy enough to work. Maybe. Scorp is a Water sign—deep, intense, and into emotions. Sagg is a Fire sign—vibrant, dynamic, and emotionally dyslexic. So, on the surface, there are a few things to work through. Scorp has to somehow let Sagg know that, for this thing to work out, Sagg has to stop shrieking and running off to the travel agent each time feelings are evoked. Scorp may also find Sagg to be as evasive when it comes to sex as they are with emotions. As an actual pastime with one’s own lover, Sagg sex is hard to pin down. All this will be altered of course, if Sagg has, say, Venus in Scorp. Or Scorp has Mars in Sagittarius. Shared dreams also bond this duo over and above their foibles. Neither party must ever try to change the other’s core persona. There lies madness.

Scorpio Star Sign & Capricorn

These guys come together and create far more than the sum of their parts. Paranoia loops out of control at times, but this could be a meant-to-be relationship. Paranoia can always be managed but true love can’t be beaten up out of nothing. Both are serious about romance. Casual dalliance is an idiotic distraction—a pastime for losers frightened of emotion. Cap can handle anything Scorp chucks their way, just so long as Scorp doesn’t mess with their ambitions or respectability. This means no hysterical phone calls to Cap at work; no passing on gossip that isn’t vouched for by a reliable source; no touching them too much in public, and no offering them a non-doctor-endorsed home cure. There are many don’ts in dealing with Caps and this could irk boundary-pushing Scorp. Cap loves Scorpio sensibilities, sensuality, and cool nature. Each admires the other so intensely that they can settle into a cosy rut. Quality time out for actual fun times is essential.

Scorpio Star Sign & Aquarius

When Scorp’s see-all gaze first zooms in on Aquarius, Scorpio thinks they’ve found their dream super-being. Aquarians can often appear spacey and remote like a character from an Ayn Rand book. Scorpio loves this. It makes the conquest all the sweeter. But Aquarius holds, if possible, even more fixed opinions than Scorp. Worse still, they are likely to be able to argue them into the ground, whereas Scorpios may have to concede that their position is held more on intense subjectivity. Assuming they agree on major policy points, this liaison is much more viable. The only other pitfall is Aquarian frigidity. With few exceptions, the Aquarian person is not exactly sex-obsessed. They could be more interested in intellectual aspects, such as a new translation of the Kama Sutra, than in being an actual practitioner. Scorp needs to explore this side of bonding before signing a 20 year Aqua lease.

Scorpio Star Sign & Pisces

A Scorpio star sign mesmerise poor little Pisces as if they are a headlight-transfixed rabbit. Then, tee hee, Scorp makes the mistake of thinking they hold the balance of power in the relationship. Pisceans are seductive and manipulative—expert at letting others feel they’re in charge. But if Scorp can handle mind-tripping with the Fish, this liaison has all it takes to be The One. These two are so compatible it’s ridiculous. The deep issues that Scorp spent years trying to explain to past lovers are understood by Pisces almost instantly. Fishy intuition is as powerful as Scorpy instinct. Once each starts feeling fulfilled on all levels, they’re a pair to behold and a true-bonded couple. Pisceans can have issues with flirtation, responsibility, and/or money. They’re sneaky and evasive in a sleazy way that infuriates Scorp. The truth issue is thrashed out. Even then, Scorp spends ages getting to know Pisces, only to realise that there are still secret corners of their psyche. Scorp loves that.

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