Forecast Progressions Report



This sample report shows the key planetary influences which finally brought Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar

Progressed Chart Details

Name:  Leonardo DiCaprio

Date of Progression:  28nd February 2016

Location of Progression:  Los Angeles, CA

Birth Date:  11th November 1974

Location of Birth:  Los Angeles, California

Time of Birth:  2:47 AM PST


Introduction to Astrological Progressions

Progression forecasts show gradual development of natal chart.  It is basically a natal chart fast forward in time to your present day.  A progression chart highlights how ones chart changes over time.  These new planetary positions reflect the change in someone’s personality.  Astrologers can use this change in personality to forecast events that are likely to take place over the coming year.  Events will depend on what the astrologer finds, but can involve financial, friendship, home and career related topics.


Progressed Astrological Chart


Analysis of Progressed Chart

Several months ago DiCaprio faced Sun sign change, from Sagittarius to Capricorn. This change made Saturn as Sun sign ruler. Most distant classical planet is positioned much higher in progressed chart than previous Sun sign ruler Jupiter ( 9th vs 5th hose). Saturn is also now highest placed planet in progressed chart. Lots of self-indulgence traits are now being transformed into more tangible one, including previous values and work (Sun is in progressed 2nd). MC sign moved from Cancer to Leo long time ago but in recent short period is on very middle degree, so called Royal Degree, especially prominent on royal sign Leo. That zodiac area pushes sign traits to shiniest levels.

When examining progressed Sun versus natal chart we see that it is approaching his Grand Cross made from cusps of angular houses. Sun is therefore transferring great amount of Ego energy to most important personal issues in chart: Me, Roots, Others and Peak. This type of conflict grants and drains at same time but adds great insight in personal core.


Three things are highly prominent in progressed chart: over-aspected Moon (natal ruler of MC), potent cusp of 2nd house and maturely Venus on cusp of 3rd house.

Moon: Located in progressed 5th house, Moon is heavily opposed by Pluto from 11th. Great deal of media silent pressure is confronting his expression, mainly focused on illustrating primal strength and vital force traits (Moon in Aries). Trine is formed with triple conjunction on cusp of 2nd (Mars, Neptune, North Node) which will be explained below. This aspect gives Moon significant help on its voyage as great commercial artistic force is backing up his undergoings. Square with Capricornian Venus from 3rd house reflects issue he is having with verbal expression, how to balance simple truths with skeletal censorship of usual definitions on how ,things should be’.


Moon is on a way to square Saturn soon so we can expect his next movie to be harsher than one before or even a slight break in his career.

2nd house cusp: Ruler of 2nd, Jupiter, is squaring house cusp. That is an impressive opening after which Mars, North Node and Neptune are following. How to illustrate this? Medieval barrel of beer which is waiting for teenager after he pass for driving license. Quite strong roller which both excites and calms in same time. With that kind of backup other points in chart can flow more easily. There is sextile with mentioned Pluto which organizes more subtle energy flow, suitable for media usage. North Node is channeling both active and ethereal energies in greatest possible commercial medium (movie is probably still on throne for that title). This energies around progressed 2nd house are valid for few years now but what propels them most is current trine with progressed Moon which dissipates that energy to masses more efficiently.

Venus on cusp of 3rd house: Last but not the least important. Meh, this sentence kinda falls short this time but no one can neglect beneficial influence on boosted verbal expression potential when we are talking about professional actor. Hey, there is even sextile with Jupiter lasting year on two. Minor aspect? No, it is on of the most scholar examples of benefices you can find in classical astrology. It gives some bonus with journalists too and with written media in general. Critics are not journalists but they often can be biased by them, admittedly or not.

Upon final comparison of natal and progressed chart we find natal Mars on progressed Ascendant trined with Jupiter (natal or progressed, it moves slowly). This influence lasts for few years in progressed chart and gives important personality bonus for every male actor. Also some force from past (Jupiter in progressed 4th) is ignited by Mars on Ascendant, clicking alarm which reminds on some important link between current image and ,good-old-times’. Mars on that position gives by definition more determination to fight for one’s own cause so coupled with Jupiter we can enjoy both very direct and deep (Mars in Scorpio) expression from this famous actor.

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