Marriage Synastry Report



Marriage Synastry Report

A personalized Marriage Synastry Report is very detailed and takes a long time to interpret.  You are probably already aware of sun sign astrology; many people compare their signs when they first meet.  For example, a Cancer may compare their personally traits to a Leo.  But these types of comparisons are very general for people born in a particular star sign, and do not offer much individual detail.  The Personalized Marriage readings I offer work differently, they compare two individual birth charts.

A birth chart is your unique blueprint which represents your personality, and events which have shaped it.  Birth charts represent the exact positions of the Sun, Moon and planets at the time of birth.  A personalized marriage report is the study of your relationship by comparing birth charts.   This gives me a fascinating insight into your marriage.  I can provide unbelievable details about your marriage.  I can compare your sexual desires, mind, emotional nature, career and more.

A successful marriage is about understanding ones needs.  My personalized marriage report ensures your marriage will be a success.  Any issues in your marriage may be fixed with my advice.

What’s Included?

Marriage synastry report

  • Detailed Astrology Marriage Report that is personally written by me, Jamie Slack.
  • PDF document containing all astrological interpretations for both person’s date, location, and time of birth.
  • The astrology marriage report is easy to read, as it’s grouped into separate categories.
  • The report will be emailed to you within 10 working days, from the date of order.
  • This astrology marriage report is great for any couple that wants to know their relationship strengths, weaknesses, and more.


Topics Covers in the Reading

Astrology Marriage reports compare you and your partners behaviours.  Ultimately, they weight up how compatible you really are, and cover the topics below:

  • Personality traits you and your partner share.  Such as similar interests you have, and common childhood experiences.
  • Clashes in personality.  I will pinpoint traits in your personality which clash, things that are most likely to cause disagreements between you and your partner.
  • What gets you and your partner excited.  Such as desire and interests you both have.
  • I will mention about you and your partners sexual desire, and how compatible they are.
  • Most areas of live will be covered and compared.  Such as childhood, career, intelligence, communication, emotions and more.
  • Have an issue you want insight on?  Then please contact me, I will then focus part of my marriage report interpretation around your problems.

Order you Marriage Synastry Report Today

Customers from any country can order a personalized marriage reading from me.  You can pay via PayPal, debit or credit card.

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