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Basic Birth Chart Analysis

This basic birth chart report really is a good value for money reading for those who do not know their time of birth.  Please note that this reading does not include planet in house or ascendant interpretations, which is why this is classed as a basic reading.

All interpretations are written by me, professional astrologer Jamie Slack.  Basic birth chart interpretations utilize the exact positions of the moon, the sun and the planets at the exact date and location of your birth.  Birth Chart Reports uncover amazing facts about your character, as well as major events that are responsible for shaping your life.

You may have heard of the term ‘As Above, So Below’.  This means that the positions of the planets at the time of your birth is a blueprint of your personality.

What you Recieve

  • An astrology reading personally written by me.
  • PDF reading containing all astrological interpretations for your date and location of birth, apart from planets in houses and ascendant.
  • The reading is grouped into easy to read catergories.
  • I will email your reading to you within 5 working days of ordering.
  • Ideal for anyone that does not know their time of birth.
  • A good value for money reading.

Why Buy my Readings?

My style of interpretation is different to most astrologers.  I am straight to the point, only talking about the things that matter.  This means your reading will not be filled with lots of unnecessary astrological jargon.  This basic personality reading provides insight into your overall strengths, weaknesses, skills and talents.  A typical personality reading has different sections depicting numerous areas of your life:

General Personality

How you come accross to other people?

Love and Relationships

What type of partner is ideal for you?

Career and Money

Types of career that suit you

Career skills you have


Potential health issues?

Travel and Beliefs

Types of travel you like

Types of beliefs you have


Potential anger issues

Aggression and Sex

What sexual partners are suited to you?

What sexual fantasy’s you may have?

Home Life

Type of childhood you had

What was your parents like

Order a Basic Birth Chart Report Today?

The Process is quite simple, customers from any country can order a Birth Chart Reading from me.  Before ordering, please consider what package you want.  You can pay via paypal, debit or credit card.

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