Personal Forecast Report – Using Solar Return

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Product Description

Personal Forecast Report – Using Solar Return

Solar return forecasts highlight life events and themes you are likely to experience from one birthday to the next.  It shows key energy focus for following year.  Solar return charts are a snapshot of when the transiting (current) sun returns to your natal (birthday) sun position.  You therefore have a different solar return chart for every year of your life.  This reading will only forecast events for your current year.

Solar return interpretations make people more aware of new directions, opportunities, and problems in their life for the coming year.

Whats required for this reading:  Date of Birth, Location of Birth, Time of Birth, Current Location.

What is the order process:  Once you have ordered your solar return report, a professional astrologer from our partner DMAstro will contact you.  They will ask for your time of birth, location of birth, date of birth and current location to create your natal chart.  From this a forecast report can be created using solar return techniques for the current year.  Every forecast report done via solar return is unique to the customer.  Your report will be manually interpreted by a professional astrologer.

SAMPLE REPORT:  Here is a sample solar return report for Leoardo Dicaprio.

$49 (for customers outside the EU)

$59 (for customers within the EU)

Approx:  Rupees 3274

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