Personalized Relationship Report

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Product Description

Personalized Relationship Report


Personalized relationship charts are very complex and take many hours to interpret.  When it comes to love many people like to compare sun signs, especially when they first meet.  For example a Gemini may compare their personally traits to a Scorpio.  However these types of comparisons are very generalized for people born in a particular star sign and do not offer much personal detail.  Relationship readings I offer work differently, they compare two individual birth charts.

A birth chart is your unique blueprint on this planet, it represents the exact positions of the Sun, Moon and planets at the time of your birth.  A personalized marriage report is the study of your relationship by comparing birth charts.   This gives me incredible insight into your relationship.  I am able to provide incredible detail about your relationship.  I can compare your intellect, sexual desires, career goals, emotional stability, aggression and much more.

It is a well known fact the success of a relationship is about understanding each other.  My personalized marriage report ensures your marriage will be a success.  Any issues in your relationship can be fixed with my advice.

Relationship reports will compare you and your partners personalities and describe in detail the following:

● Common personality traits.  This can range from common childhood experiences to common interests.  It is what helps keep you and your partner together.
● Parts of your personalities that conflict with each other.  I will highlight what you most likely argue about, and how you may be able to make these traits more harmonious.
● Know what excites or interests your partner, what desires do they have? If you know this you can ensure they are satisfied in the relationship.
● I will touch on all aspects of your relationship including sexual desires.  Every area of life will be compared such as careers, childhood, intellect, communication, social life, and much more.
● If you have a particular relationship issue you want insight on please contact me, I will then focus part of my interpretation around your issues.

If you would like a relationship report please contact me via email