Predictive Astrology Techniques

This article provides you with the most common predictive astrology techniques, and how they work. There is a variety of predictive astrology techniques used today, the most common ones are progressions, transits, solar return, and solar arc direction. In this article, we will discuss the progression, solar return, and transits techniques.

Astrology Progressions

Progressions are one of most popular predictive astrology techniques. It is also one of the oldest astrological techniques. It has been used by astrologers since the Vedic time. In the ancient time, astrologers were using the movements of the moon and sun to predict the future of the particular individual.

As the name explains, this technique involves a process of progressing of the horoscope from the moment of the birth and observes the position and changes in the sun, moon, and lunation cycle and how their places influence the life of a particular person. 

If you study astrology, you must have realized that our horoscope and the place of the planets in our horoscope help determine our future. And a good astrologer can give us details of our personality and life events. Similarly, if we have the some problems in our scope then an astrologer can show us the right way to resolve it. In the entire process the sun, moon, and the entire lunar cycle have a significant role. 

The sun changes the signs three times during the life span. When the progressed sun is late and about to change to a new sign, you might face more critical situations in your life. After the change of the sign, you might experience many positive changes in your life. Before the sun changes its sign, you will get troubles, fear, and difficulties in life. 

Like the sun, the moon also plays an important role in the progression technique, the moon moves in the houses of the chart and it comes to a full circle in about twenty-seven to twenty-eight years. During the progressed moon phase, an individual gets many pleasant experiences in his life. The first quarter phase is the time of the fine-tuning and reefing. The second phase is the disseminating. The third phase is the period of the dissatisfaction and discontent.

Another thing is the moon’s position in the natal chart; if the moon is in a favourable position such as in the tenth or fourth house then other negative factors cannot harm you much.

Solar returns

Solar returns are not a new predictive astrology technique. It has been used since ancient times. First, it was used by England, and it was also popular among the Siderealists in the twentieth century. In France, the solar return is widely used in the astrological studies. 

In the solar returns, the focus is mostly on the exact position of the sun in the natal chart. Solar return chart starts to calculate from the exact moment when the sun returns to the horoscope. That usually happens within two days of the birth. You will not find much difference between a normal natal chart and solar return chart, the difference is that solar return charts are calculated for a year only, most probably from birthday to birthday.

While reading the solar return charts, one needs to consider the following points. In the chart, one can predict the future of the person with the presence of the other plants in the chart. For instance, if Aries is in a favourable position in the chart, then the person might see some positive changes in that year. And the ruler of the Ascending sign and its position can give more information about the person’s behaviour. 

Many things come into the notice while reading a solar return chart such as where solar return planets are, what is the position of the sun, and where is the moon. Moon in the chart will speak where your heart is and how will you react to a particular situation. If you want to know about the financial achievement then you can go the second house and to the eight house. You should consider the position of the Venus as well. 


Transits are one of the oldest predictive astrology techniques that have been used since the seventh century. This technique is the oldest one as it mostly focuses on the ongoing movements of the planets to predict the future. 

As the name explains, transit technique involves the process of interpreting the position and movements of the planets in the natal chart. This is usually prepared on the birth time of an individual. It gives attention to the changes of the house, sign, and to the aspect that the transiting planets do in the horoscope. 

In the transit, the important aspect is the planetary return. That happens when a transiting planet return to the same place in the sky that it occupied at the time of the birth of that person. This is essential because, with the return to the same place, it completes a whole circuit of the sky, and it indicates that a new phase is going to start in the person’s life. Some of the most influential planets which returns affect more are Jupiter and the Saturn. The Jupiter takes approximately twelve years to return to that point. Its return is the sign of the growth, development, and happiness. Saturn takes around thirty years to return to that position. The return of the Saturn is the sign of the aging, responsibilities, and complication.


Astrologers use these Predictive astrology techniques to predict our future. All these techniques have been used by the astrologers since the ancient times. This proves that all these techniques are effective and help to give the real information about the future. If you want to know about future life then you can consider both the transits and the progression techniques. If it is about your near future then consider the solar returns chart. 


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