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Want to know more about personal astrology reports? If so, then you have come to the right place! I have been studying astrology for most of my life.  My personal astrology reports will certainly impress you.  Or maybe you want to buy an astrology reading for one of your friends or family.   

What are Personal Astrology Reports About?

Personal astrology reports help you unlock your true personality.  Also known as birth chart reports, they take into account your date of birth, time of birth and location of birth.  Uncover amazing facts about your character, as well as major events that are responsible for shaping your life.  Interpretations for all birth chart reports are personally written by me, Jamie Slack.  I am a well known astrologer in the United Kingdom. 

My goal is to help people discover their true personality, and tell them things you would not expect me to know!

Why Download Personal Astrology Reports?

  • My astrology reports are incredibly detailed, and highly professional.  All for a reasonable price!
  • Unlike typical star sign readings, these reports take into account the Sun, Moon and planets at the time of your birth.  This creates a report that is unique only to you.
  • What comes naturally to you that others find difficult? As a matter of fact, gaining valuable insight into your strengths and weakness’s could help you reach your goals in life, plus improve relationships with people.
  • Realize talents you never thought you had.
  • Reports may highlight any emotional issues that could be holding you back in life.  However, advice is usually provided to help deal with those issues.
  • Learn about potential careers your personality is suited to.  If you are one of those who jump jobs, this type of report may provide you with some direction.
  • Discover what people find attractive about you.
  • Find out your ideal partner.
  • Every birth chart report is unique, because every person is!
  • You will be surprised what these reports can tell you.

How are these Astrology Reports Created?

  1. Birth chart reports use your date of birth, time of birth and location of birth.
  2. From these details the exact positions of the Sun, Moon and Planets are calculated.
  3. This data is then plotted on to a chart (known as a birth chart).
  4. This chart is unique only to you.  The positions of the Sun, Moon and Planets on this chart are then interpreted.  All interpretations are written by me, Jamie Slack.

What’s inside a Personal Birth Chart Report?

Professional astrology reports are between 12 and 22 pages long.  Reports are more detailed if you know your birth time.  All reports are delivered via email.  They contain a full interpretation of your personality.  Your report will cover most or all the categories below:

General Personality

  • How do you come across to others?
  • What is your general path in life?

Love and Relationships

  • Is my current partner the best match for me?
  • When will I meet my true love?
  • What do people find most attractive about you?

Career and Money

  • Reports highlight certain career paths?
  • Reports provide details about finance management?
  • What are my natural talents?


  • Is my body susceptible to disease in the near future?

Travel and Beliefs

  • Details about types of travel are you most suited too.
  • Are you destined to travel the world?
  • What types of beliefs do you have?


  • Highlights any anger issues, plus the source of anger.
  • Provides insight into any emotional issues.

Aggression and Sex

  • Details about types of sexual partners you are suited to you.
  • Reports may describe what sexual fantasy’s you have?
  • What do other people find sexy about you?

Home Life

  • Information about childhood, and how it effects personality and future.
  • The type of home that suits you best.
  • What your parents are/were like.
  • Emotional issues that are linked with childhood and home life.

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