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Moon In Aquarius Interpretation

Moon in Aquarius

An Interpretation By JKS Astrology

A typical moon in Aquarius likes their freedom.  You demand the right to do whatever you want at all times.  It is completely natural for you to observe and analyze others, wondering why they act the way they do.  If you don’t get your own way, it can be hard for you to accept; however, this gets better with age.

In close relationships you are emotionally distant at times.  However, once you get to the point of feeling at ease with your emotions, you will reveal them freely.  You like to be with a group of people, especially your friends.  You stay loyal to your close friends; they find your playful nature and good sense of humor fun to be around.  While growing up, you likely felt different from other people.

Moon in Aquarius

What is A Moon Sign?

To understand what a moon sign is, you first need to know what star signs are about.

A star sign is also know as a zodiac sign.  Each sign in the zodiac represents a particular pattern of stars in the night sky, also called constellations.  The ancients used these constellations to navigate the seas.  Your star sign represents the constellation the Sun was in at the time of your birth, from the perceptive of where you were born.

Therefore a moon sign represents the constellation the moon was in at the time of your birth.  The moon travels through each zodiac sign approximately every 2.5 days.  Where as the Sun travels through all twelve in 1 year.

The moon sign represents our deep emotional side.  Sun signs represent our overall personality, to view your overall star sign traits click here.

If you want to learn more about astrology, please check out our top ten recommended astrology books.  There are books suitable for beginners and masters in astrology.  They cover a wide range of topics such as the fundamentals, natal charts, predictive astrology and more.

Moon In Capricorn Interpretation

Moon in Capricorn

An Interpretation By JKS Astrology

A typical moon in Capricorn is an ambitious person who works hard to achieve your goals.  You are not one to take risks, so you plan your life ahead.  Extreme emotions are something you cannot deal with; in fact, it probably scares you.  Because your emotions are so locked up, there is probably a lot of anger and resentment you are holding onto. Be careful this doesn’t cause illness or depression in your life.  Learn to deal with these feelings.

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Moon In Sagittarius Interpretation

Moon in Sagittarius

An Interpretation By JKS Astrology

A typical moon in Sagittarius is an optimistic and cheerful person who has a happy-go-lucky, free-spirited nature.  You like to be physically active such as travelling, socializing, or doing sports.  Basically, as long as you’re getting about and doing something, you’re happy.

Routine is not for you, as it hinders your freedom to do what you want.  You are not keen on planning either, as you simply believe things will work out for the best.  You are competitive and highly driven.  Power and status easily impress you.

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Moon In Virgo Interpretation

Moon in Virgo

An Interpretation By JKS Astrology

A typical moon in Virgo is a trustworthy, practical, and reliable person, always willing to help others.  You feel the need to always be busy, and to have a routine.

When first meeting a partner, you can be shy and maybe even intimidated by them.  This problem may come from your ability to analyze yourself.  If you are low in confidence, your self-awareness may get the better of you.  Affection to your partner is shown in small practical ways.

Although you are a curious person, spiritualism is probably not something you believe in.  This is because you’re a born sceptic and critical of many things; you believe there is a practical use for everything.

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Moon In Leo Interpretation

Moon in Leo

An Interpretation By JKS Astrology

A typical moon in Leo is an ambitious, enthusiastic, kind, and generous person who is popular and sociable.  You love to be the center of attention; however, be careful you don’t come across as being a show-off or arrogant.  When you are the center of attention, you are good at timing your jokes well to make others laugh.

Your natural bossiness makes you good at leading.  If you encounter opposition from people, you are overly dramatic and prone to sulking.  But you do this away from public view.  Social status is important to you.  You are proud of your mother, or she may be very proud of you.  You likely have a particular love of children.

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Moon In Taurus Interpretation

Moon in Taurus

An Interpretation By JKS Astrology

A typical moon in Taurus likes warmth, comfort, and the security of familiar surroundings. A very loving and affectionate person, you also need love and affection from the people around you.  You’re hard-working and patient to get things done, but tend to be lazy and unwilling to change, being very much stuck in your ways.  This may cause problems in your career, as it is hard for you to get going, and you don’t stay in a job just because it is a comfortable routine for you.  You are very interested in acquiring money, though not because you are selfish or greedy, but because you like the sense of security that comes with it.

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Moon In Aries Interpretation

Moon in Aries

An Interpretation By JKS Astrology

A typical moon in Aries is a happy, independent, and optimistic individual with an abundance of energy.  Also very independent and easily bored, you live for the moment rather then carefully plan for the future.  When wanting something badly, you rarely take no for an answer.  You tend to take things too personally, but never hold a grudge.  Your emotions rapidly change; once annoyed, you can throw spectacular tantrums.  These temper flair-ups do not last long though, and are over as quickly as they started.

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Why You Should Learn More About Astrology

Intro to Astrology

Astrology has been around for centuries.  Mankind has always looked to the stars for guidance.  In-fact civilization has always been ruled by nature.  Our daily activities has always been in sync with our solar system.  An astrologer will argue that our behavioural traits are too.  

Astrology is a fascinating subject that can be studied in depth.  In fact there are many text books out there, click here to see some of the best.  Its a combination of statistical analysis, psychology and myth.  As above, so below is a phase that sums up astrology.  It means the universe is connected together.  Changes in the universe has an effect on something else, which includes human behavior.     

Astrology provides us with a greater sense of inner knowledge and understanding.  It can be used as a tool to improve ones self.

This article will tell you the reasons why you should learn more about astrology.   

why you should learn more about astrology

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10 Interesting Facts About Astrology


Astrology is an assortment of beliefs and traditions, which states that the position of the constellations or planets of the solar system at times have an influence on our lives. This article provides you with 10 interested facts about astrology.

Astrology is the correlation between celestial bodies and nature / human affairs  on Earth.  It is a phenomena that has been studied for thousands of years by many ancient and modern societies.  Astrology is very popular, but also extremely controversial.  The word “astrology” comes from the Greek word Astrologia, which means star study or ‘reason’ of the stars.

Astrology focuses on the sun, moon and planets within our solar system. The purpose of astrology is usually to forecast the destiny of a person, or gain insight into a person or event.  Predictions are based on the positions of the sun, moon, and planets at the time of birth.  Interpreting the location of celestial objects and using a map called a “horoscope”, astrologers claim to predict and explain the course of life, help people, companies, and nations in their most important decisions.

The popular use of the term astrology almost always refers to western astrology.  The term astrology can have different meaning to people, depending what culture they are from.  This is because different cultures are formed their own astrology systems, which differ slightly.  In fact, some astrologers consider their practice only able to describe the personality traits of an individual, others ensuring that it is possible to describe the different paths their lives, even their distant future.  Below are 10 interesting facts about astrology!

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Astrological symbols

Astrological symbols – Their Origin and Meaning

Introduction to Astrological Symbols

Astrology is classed as a “pseudo-science” by the US National Science Board.  Humans have always gazed up towards the stars in wonder.  Astrology is an ancient discipline where human beings link events to the positions of celestial bodies.  Human beings have tracked the objects in the sky for thousands of years.  The most likely object to be tracked first was the Sun.  Knowing the motion of the sun helped our ancestors plant their crops at the correct times, which is essential to survival.  They also realised particular star patterns in the sky appear at different times in the year.  The sky was divided into certain patterns or objects called constellations, which was used to navigate.  Technology has progressed humans understanding of the sun, moon and planets regarding motion.  Astrological symbols were created as a way of understanding objects seen in the sky.  Each planet has a particular symbol allocated to it.  Also constellations that follow the Sun’s apparent ecliptic path were allocated symbols, and split into 12 segments such as Aries and Taurus.

Astrological Symbols and Astrology Charts

Someone who studies and practices astrology is called an astrologer.  An astrologer studies via detailed books on the subject.  They can also attend college courses dedicated to astrology.  They look for correlations between people and celestial bodies outside our planet. To interpret these, the astrological symbols of the zodiac is used, which is commonly called a horoscope.  A horoscope is a circular chart split into 12 separate constellation called zodiac signs.  The sun, moon and planets are then plotted on this chart for a particular time and location.  The chart represents where celestial bodies are in the sky at a given time, from the point of view here on earth.  Each astrological symbol on a chart has a different meaning.  Each express certain personality or character traits. Astrology is used to forecast particular events or gain insight into ones personality.

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