How big is the universe


You may have wondered how big is the universe?  Many years ago humans believed the size of the universe was much smaller then today.  This is because our perception of the universe depends on our technology to observe it.  Humans thousands of years ago would have believed an island or country was there universe.  A good example of this is Easter Island.  This island is in a very remote position.  It is located in the pacific ocean, miles away from anything else.  Old civilizations did not have the technology to explore the seas effectively.

The live in a fantastic age of discovery.  The telescope has improved our understanding of the universe dramatically.  However, it is still surprising how large the universe really is.  Turns out it is frighteningly large.  In fact it is soo large that human minds have trouble thinking about it.  I found a nice article that demonstrates this perfectly using pictures from the Hubble telescopes  Click the link below to discover the true universe size, it will amaze you!

Click here to see how big is the universe

It is an excellent example of how large the universe really is compared to planet Earth.  It is probably one of the best arguments for life outside our planet, we are just a drop in the ocean!

The human race has still not unlocked all the mysteries of the universe.  There is evidence that the universe is still expanding at a phenomenal rate!


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Posted on 16th October 2014 at 1:05 pm


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