How Astrology Can Improve Your Dating Success

The dating world is aswarm with dating apps and sites, and whilst choice may seem like a good thing, what’s lacking from the market is precision. When we bite the bullet and place our profile and photos on these public arenas, we’re saying ‘I’m ready to find someone but… I need a little help!’ It’s a brave thing to do, so we deserve results with tangible connections at the level of love we’re seeking.

Astrology can improve your dating success if you are willing to give Astrodate a try, a revolutionary online dating platform. Why? I hear you ask, read on to find out.

How astrology can improve your dating success

Dating with Accuracy

So how can you find love, or even lust if that’s what you’re looking for, with results you can trust? The answer is in astrology. The big players out there in the dating arena tend to focus on looks and location. Even those that ask questions to try and better match us have a narrow focus. There are a few dating sites that include Sun signs (aka star signs or Zodiac signs) to help match you with other suitable candidates, but the compatibility rating is pretty basic. Where things get really interesting is when we look to professional astrology, bringing in ‘synastry’ for a much higher level of congruence between you and your matches.

Synastry is the art of relationship astrology – comparing one person’s natal (birth) chart against another person’s. When you bring in this extra dimension, many more insights into a person’s characteristics and values are available to compare, so the likelihood of getting on well is greater.

A welcome Revolution in Dating

The good news is, whether you are familiar with astrology or know nothing about it, now this can all be yours! Today marks the launch of a brand new website that is set to revolutionise the dating world. Astrodate brings you all of the glitz of your traditional dating sites we’ve grown to rely upon, but so much more… It’s free to use wherever you live in the world, all you have to do is sign up and complete your profile, then Astrology dating site does all the hard work for you. It really is as simple as that.

astrology can improve your dating success

Once on board, you’ll set your filters so you can run searches based on preferences such as height, age, sexual orientation and location, but what really sets it apart from other dating sites is a tool that matches you with people based on your unique astrological traits. Oh, and I think you’ll love the special theme that runs throughout the site… 😉

Once you’ve found people you have a good connection with, you’ll be able to contact each other using instant messenger chat, then it’s time to watch the fireworks unfold! Wherever you are or however busy your schedule is, you’ll be able to search people and keep conversations flowing as Astrodate works great on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

In a world which is moving more and more online due to the pandemic, it’s never been more important to virtually connect with others, if you wish to date. So, astrology can improve your dating success if you are willing to try Astrodate. Why not? it is completely free to use after all, and has many features such as:

How Synastry Works

The day and time which we are born leaves an imprint on us due to the positions the planets are in at that moment in time. The Sun, Moon and planets all have their own unique properties, and the combination of their positions at a particular time creates a unique impression on who we are, what we like, how we behave and so on.

A relationship between two human beings is beautifully complex. When two people come together in any form of relationship, whether in love, at work, in friendship circles or our families, it’s like alchemy or a recipe of sorts. Unique ingredients come together and bind in a specific way that is different from other combinations. That’s because our interaction with each other is guided by the unique energy each of our natal charts bring to the relationship.

In a romantic entanglement, how attracted we are to each other is governed by many compatibility aspects such as intellect, sex, romance, our values, trust, emotions, hobbies, how we deal with conflict and more. Synastry shows us if these will come together in unison or if there is likely to be too many differences for a relationship to be stable or long-lasting.

Going Deeper with Planetary Aspects and Houses

If you’d like to find out more about how natal charts work, I’d suggest reading my Natal Chart Lessons, which talks about Planets in Houses and About Planetary Aspects. If instead you’d prefer to just get stuck into the fun of using them to date, head straight on over to Astrodate!

In a nutshell, the positions the planets are in when we are born can be entered onto a chart. The chart is circular (360 degrees) and is divided into the 12 Sun signs (Cancer, Taurus etc) and segments, called houses. These represent different areas of our life such as home, travel and learning. Added onto the chart is the Moon, Sun and the planets. Put simply, planetary aspects is the interpretation of the mathematical angles between the planets and specific points on the chart. Bringing two people’s charts together then gives us information about how the two charts interact.

Are you Ready to find your Perfect Match?

A match made in heaven like this doesn’t have to reside only in the movies. And it doesn’t have to only belong to those interested in astrology. Believers and non-believers alike will benefit from both the regular elements of Astrodate, as well as the special features which are unique to site. Curious? Well, what have you got to lose? The algorithms behind this new dating technology are based on astrological science dating back to the beginning of time… your time. There are people on there ready and waiting for you just as you are waiting for them – all you need to do is head over to Astrodate and register for your free account.

I created this website out of my passion for astrology and because I believe there is a serious gap in effective dating sites out there. For now, the site will run as a not-for-profit venture as I am just very excited to know that people using Astrodate to look for their matches, knowing that they will yield results they deserve. I’d love to hear how you get on, so feel free to write in and share any success stories. Do you think astrology can improve your dating success? Happy searching!

astrology can improve your dating success


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