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Relationship reading

Relationship Astrology

What Do Your Birth Charts Say About Your Relationship

Are the stars and planets aligned in favor of your relationship? Is your horoscope compatible with that of your partner’s? Will you have a happy married life or will it be an uphill battle all the way? How well will you get along with your boss? Your siblings?

 These are some of the questions that you may have used Zodiac horoscopes to answer. But relationship astrology is a far more complex and less generalized system of shedding light on the relationships between people. It’s an exciting subject that may be able to help us approach our relationships differently and be more successful in them.

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Learning astrology

Studying and Learning Astrology

Astrology is simply identified as a language of the stars but in its deeper sense, it is a fascinating, serious, complex and incredibly rewarding subject. Some people consider astrology to be a simple language that is used to define the energies which make up the universe while others describe it as the observation of different planets and the specific patterns of energy that they create at any given moment. Modern astrology, however, has emerged with the concept that humans are microsoms of the universe, and can be understood better through the study of energy patterns in the universe. If learning astrology is something you want to do, then it may take a lot of work to understand it.

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Astrology chart drawing

History of Astrology


Man has always searched for answers surrounding nature and existence. It was not long before human beings realized that they could understand such mysteries through celestial objects and planets. It is believed that the history of astrology began when humans started measuring seasonal changes and using astronomical patterns to predict their frequency.

History of astrology – Mesopotamia and Babylon 

The history of astrology likely starts within the Babylon period.  The first system of organized astrology was first used in Babylon around the second millennium BC. Soon after 3000BC, patterns in the galaxy were identified and named. The early astronomers of Mesopotamia identified five stars wandering in the galaxy. There was extensive use of omen-based astrology by the sixteenth century BC. During this time, Babylonians used astrology to predict weather patterns and political affairs.

Astrological symbols were mainly used to indicate seasonal activities. These include fishing, harvesting, sowing crops, and hunting. By the 4th century, Babylonians had made huge mathematical advancements. This enabled them to calculate planetary positions with a certain level of accuracy.

History of astrology

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Astrology Predictions

How Astrology Predictions Are Made

There are different ways of predicting the future through astrology. Though, one of the most common methods for astrology predictions is known as “Transits.” It follows a straightforward technique, such as determining the zodiacal positions of the planets for a specific date.  These planetary ‘transit’ positions are super-imposed on a persons astrological natal chart.  A natal chart is a the positions of the sun, moon and planets at the time of someone’s birth.  The result of the transit planets overlapping the natal chart is then analyzed.

To predict the future effectively, it is important to have an understanding of how to interpret astrological charts.   Astrologists consider everything that the chart represents, such as the angles each planets makes to each other.  And where about the planets fall on the astrological chart.  For instance, if Jupiter is moving through Capricorn and the birth chart is Leo Rising, then Capricorn will be the sixth house sign.  While the transit of Jupiter (planet of enlargement and opportunity) will be foreseen as an opportunity for better employment of that person.

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How does astrology work?

How does astrology work? People have many different theory’s to this question.  I am a dedicated astrologer with a scientific background, I will try to answer this question using my experience.

First I will explain a little about my background as an astrologer and engineer.

Jamie Slack’s astrology experience

I have many years experience in astrology, first studying it when I were 16 years old. Throughout the years I have advanced my knowledge in astrology.  Especially in the areas of natal, synastry and predictive astrology.  I have always been fascinated by how astrology works, especially when I receive excellent feedback from astrology readings I have done.  But then again, I am fascinated with anything that is mystical or hard to explain such as psychic and tarot readings.

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Astrology vs Psychics Readings

This article astrology vs psychic readings tries to compare major differences between the two.  Many people assume these two disciplines are the same.

What are astrology readings?

Astrology vs psychic readings, what is the difference? Before I answer this question, I first want to explain the principles behind astrology.

You may know astrology more for its star signs in newspapers and magazines.  They claim to describe your personality depending on when you were born, or be able to predict your future.  Some people will match these readings, while others may not.  This leads people to become skeptical of astrologers.

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Horse racing

Can Astrology Help with Gambling?

You may sometimes wonder if astrology can help with gambling.  Astrology is an intriguing subject when it comes to gambling.  To help understand how astrology may help with gambling, we first need to understand what luck actually is.

What is luck?

Can we control our own luck? Yes I believe you can with enough knowledge.  The outcome of a dice roll is determined by the dice starting position, speed, rotation and trajectory.  If we knew all of these factors then our ‘luck’ of predicting the outcome would be increased.  We would know that the dice is more likely to land on a particular number.  Therefore ask yourself, is a dice roll completely random?

I believe some people gamble because they see a predictable pattern in an event such as roulette, horse racing and fruit machines.  In fact humans in general are rather good at noticing patterns, mathematics could not exist without it! Patterns can even be found in some random number generators using special computer software.  Making numbers truly random using computers is very challenging, after all a computer just follows instructions.  Randomness is the opposite to following instructions.

In gambling, luck could probably be defined as being statistically more successful over others.  Can astrology help with gambling? read more to find out.

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Planet earth

How big is the universe?


You may have wondered how big is the universe.  Many years ago humans believed the size of the universe was much smaller then today.  This is because our perception of the universe depends on our technology to observe it.  Humans thousands of years ago would have believed an island or country was there universe.  A good example of this is Easter Island.  This island is in a very remote position.  It is located in the pacific ocean, miles away from anything else.  Old civilizations did not have the technology to explore the seas effectively.

The live in a fantastic age of discovery.  The telescope has improved our understanding of the universe dramatically.  However, it is still surprising how large the universe really is.  Turns out it is frighteningly large.  In fact it is soo large that human minds have trouble thinking about it.  I found a nice article that demonstrates this perfectly using pictures from the Hubble telescopes  Click the link below to discover the true universe size, it will amaze you!

Click here to see how big is the universe

It is an excellent example of how large the universe really is compared to planet Earth.  It is probably one of the best arguments for life outside our planet, we are just a drop in the ocean!

The human race has still not unlocked all the mysteries of the universe.  There is evidence that the universe is still expanding at a phenomenal rate!

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