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Star sign sexual traits

Star Sign Sexual Traits

The most interesting thing in life is wanting to learn about ones sexuality and also those of others that we are interested in. one’s star sign describes many different traits about their sexual personality. There are those who love to put on sexy lingerie, light candles and turn on some music before making love. Others are more conservative and love having a dark room before going under the covers and unleashing their passion. For other they are more free, they put on sexy nylons and are unconventional and they also make sure that their sex toys are within reach for their lovers.

Below are star sign sexual traits which can help one get to learn more about themselves and those they are interested in.

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Love predictions

Astrology Love Compatibility

Astrology love compatibility using zodiac signs

If you are new to astrology then you may enjoy comparing zodiac signs.  The easier way to know your general compatibility is by matching astrological elements.  In astrology there are four elements being Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  Each zodiac sign has there own element, it describes the core aspects of ones personality.  It is easy to remember how these elements are matched.  For example, fire and air are compatible.  However, fire and water is not as it puts the fire out.  Water and earth are compatible as they mix, but earth and fire would not be.  To view compatibility on a deeper level, then you need to consider relationship astrology analysis.  This compares the individual natal charts of two people (usually partners), then compares there personality traits to one another.  Below are the ideal love matches for each zodiac sign.

Astrology love compatibility


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Everthing about Horary Astrology

What is Horary Astrology?

This articles covers everything about horary astrology.  But first I need to explain what horary astrology is and why it is used.  This type of astrology actually uses signs related to the information that you want to know. Instead of worrying quite as much about the sign you were born under, it considers the sign under which you were first concerned about the question as well as which house most strongly governs the type of question that you are asking. If you’re looking for answers it’s best to ask yes or no questions to get the most clear response, but you will also learn more about the question you asked and how the situation will turn out.

If you’re looking to find out more about your life and the things that are going to happen to you in it the best thing you can do is seek out the answers to many of your questions, but do so carefully. It’s actually very important that you don’t ask too many questions at the same time because it can cause confusion or misreading. Instead, ask a question that you feel most strongly about and that you are most focused on. You’ll be able to get a clearer reading that makes sense based on what you want or need to know and what you need to do for the results you want. Once you’ve got your answer you can start making changes to your life, and you can definitely start working towards the advice and answers it gives you.

horary astrology

Using Horary Astrology

Astrology has long been used by those looking to understand not only the past but their own future as well. It considers the position of the stars and the planets when you were born and helps you to understand, based on this information, more about what’s going to happen throughout the rest of your life. But there’s more to it than just the specific sign you were born under. That sign is going to help you figure out questions about the rest of your life as well, including learning how to plan for the future.

Why Use This Astrology?

This type of astrology is great if you have specific questions you want to know the answer to. Your sign can give you more information about you, your personality and the things that will happen in your life but they are very general and you likely won’t find everything you really want to know. The best thing you can do is seek out horary astrology to learn more in depth information about yourself and those specific questions. It’s more unique to you than traditional astrology.

If you’re not sure about the question you should ask take a few minutes to think quietly. What comes to your mind first? What is the strongest question in your mind? That’s the one you want to work with first because it’s the one thing that’s most pressing and important to you. By working on understanding it first you’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way. Once you’ve gotten the answer to this question then you can think about the next thing you want to know and how it’s going to affect you. You may be surprised what you’re really most concerned about when it comes right down to it.

How does horary astrology work?

A horary chart is created at the exact date, time and location of the question.  An astrologer can provide clients with a yes or no answer to a particular question.  An example question could be:

Will I move house within the next year?

Horary astrologers will answer this question with a yes or no, then backup their answer with some reasoning as to why.  For example the astrologer may see something in your chart that is likely to prevent you moving such as an illness, or money troubles.  This may have been a reason why they said no to your house moving question.

The traditional way to analyse a chart using horary techniques is to follow a strict set of rules.  Examples of these rules are listed below:

  • The person asking the question (the querent), is usually represented by the ruler of the sign the first house cusp falls on in the horoscope.
  • The question must be assigned a house.  For example a home related question would be assigned to house 4.  Then an astrologer would pay particular attention to the planet ruler of that house being the moon.

There are many other rules regarding horary astrology and can become rather complex.  Some other factors considered in horary astrology are aspects, plantary positions and arabic parts.

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Star sign sexual traits

Astrology Love Predictions

Astrology love predictions using natal (compatibility/synastry) charts

Astrology is an incredibly useful tool for understanding relationships.  You may have experimented with matching sun signs with another person using elements.  For example a water sign such as Cancer, would easily match with another water sign like Pisces.  To analyse a relationship on a deeper level, an astrologer can compare birth charts of a couple to create a compatibility or synastry chart.  This technique of analysing a relationship provides a detailed report of your compatibility.  It can tell you many things about a relationship such as:

  • Are you two suitable for marriage?
  • Do you have similar interests and hobbies?
  • Who are your ideal partners?
  • What sort of sexual desires do you have?

Astrology compatibility charts are two individual natal charts presented together, also called a bi wheel.  Below is an example compatibility chart for Angelina Jolie and Brat Pitt.  Such a chart makes it easier for an astrologer to compare personality traits between the couple.


How to interpret your own love predictions

JKS Astrology offers totally free downloadable birth (natal) chart reports.  Read for following guide to find out how you can compare your compatibility using professional astrology techniques for free!

Step 1:

Download your free detailed birth chart report, using your birth details.

If you are new to astrology interpretation, download the un-known birth time report.

If you have some experience in astrology interpretation, download the known birth time report.

Step 2:

Now download another report, but using your partners details.  Or the person you want to compare your chart against.

Step 3:

You should now have two different astrology natal report.  The reports have particular subheadings, which have interpretations underneath.  This means you can directly compare the two reports.  For example, you could compare your emotions (Emotions subheading) or sexual behaviour (Sex and aggression subheading) against your partners.  Or maybe you want to see if you think in the same way (Mind and Communications subheading).

Step 4:

Did you manage to make any conclusion to the similarities or differences? If so, then you have just done a bit of synastry astrology.  Your extra knowledge about your partner (or person you have a love interest in) may help you achieve your love goal.

The interpretations in each report are derived from the natal chart drawing (end of report).  If you want to progress your knowledge in this area, you could compare the planetary positions between you and your partners chart.  You could also follow this step-by-step guide to birth chart interpretation.  It will tell you how to interpret a birth chart the best way possible, for the most accurate of readings.

Do you want more information regarding synastry? If so, please email me.  I will then add more based on what people want.

Astrology love predictions using transits

Transits are a powerful prediction method used in astrology.  This is where the current positions of the planets are superimposed onto an individuals natal chart.  Transits are essentially the positions of planets at the present time, or a time in the future.  Below is an example of a transit chart for Bill Cosby.  The inner wheel represents Bill Cosby’s natal chart.  The outer wheel represents transits for the 15th November 2014.


Astrologers use transit charts to look for signs of love.   They will first study the slower moving planets such as Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  These set the scene of what may happen over the following year.

Falling in love is governed by the 5th House in your natal chart. It doesn’t matter if there are or are not planets in this House. When your 5th House is positively influenced by planets in the sky at the present time, then it is going to be romance in the air for you.  Astrologers are able to fast forward transits in your chart to see what dates your 5th house will be influenced.

They will also consider the sign that the 5th begins with, and then find out which planet rules the sign. For instance, Taurus is ruled by Venus, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and so on.  Then, they would look at your birth chart and find out where that particular planet is on the chart. When this planet is triggered in a positive aspect (such as a sextile, conjunction or trine) in the present skies, you may have romantic opportunities.

astrology love predictions

An example

Let us take an example to demonstrate this. Using a hypothetical chart with Leo in the beginning of the 5th House, we see that the 5th House for the chart is ruled by the sun. If the sun is located in Taurus in the 1st House of the birth chart, positive aspects with the sun in Taurus from outer planets like Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus, Saturn and Neptune put you in a love cycle.

This is a simple reading, but it can get more complex. You can find more detailed readings by also considering the 7th and 8th House rulers in your chart. When the outer planets transit your ruling planet, or make an aspect with your birth chart, you are likely to find love. Note that the inner planets move too slowly to influence such major decisions in your life.

How do you know what impact the planets will have? Every planet has its specific positive or challenging influences. For instance, Mars transiting the 5th or 8th Houses at the same time is positive. Jupiter in your 8th, 7th and 5th Houses are also good news, while Saturn in the 7th could mean a strain in a relationship.


Every astrologer has their own way of carrying out astrology love predictions.  There are also other predictive techniques available such as solar returns and progressions.  Try reading your own love predictions using transits, or create your own compatibility charts if you are in a relationship.

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Smell good for your partner


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Astrology books

Top Astrology Books for Beginners

If you’ve recently dived into the world of astrology, and you don’t yet know where to start off, the following list is for you. Handpicked from the very best of best from the last decade or so, these astrology books represent the science as it is, while at the same time making it an easy ready for just about anybody.

Below are the 10 Astrology Books


Parker’s Astrology

Buy now on Amazon

The Definitive Guide to Using Astrology in Every Aspect of Your Life (Julia Parker).  This is an excellent introduction to the world of astrology – and will serve good to both beginners and veterans who are trying to rewind the clock. The book is well edited, with hard covers, large format text, comes with illustrations and presents numerous texts to interpret a chart (aspects, transits, progressions, locations of planets in signs and houses). All in all, a very complete book.

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Astrological symbols

Astrological symbols – Their Origin and Meaning

Introduction to Astrological Symbols

Astrology is classed as a “pseudo-science” by the US National Science Board.  Humans have always gazed up towards the stars in wonder.  Astrology is an ancient discipline where human beings link events to the positions of celestial bodies.  Human beings have tracked the objects in the sky for thousands of years.  The most likely object to be tracked first was the Sun.  Knowing the motion of the sun helped our ancestors plant their crops at the correct times, which is essential to survival.  They also realised particular star patterns in the sky appear at different times in the year.  The sky was divided into certain patterns or objects called constellations, which was used to navigate.  Technology has progressed humans understanding of the sun, moon and planets regarding motion.  Astrological symbols were created as a way of understanding objects seen in the sky.  Each planet has a particular symbol allocated to it.  Also constellations that follow the Sun’s apparent ecliptic path were allocated symbols, and split into 12 segments such as Aries and Taurus.

Astrological Symbols and Astrology Charts

Someone who studies and practices astrology is called an astrologer.  An astrologer studies via detailed books on the subject.  They can also attend college courses dedicated to astrology.  They look for correlations between people and celestial bodies outside our planet. To interpret these, the astrological symbols of the zodiac is used, which is commonly called a horoscope.  A horoscope is a circular chart split into 12 separate constellation called zodiac signs.  The sun, moon and planets are then plotted on this chart for a particular time and location.  The chart represents where celestial bodies are in the sky at a given time, from the point of view here on earth.  Each astrological symbol on a chart has a different meaning.  Each express certain personality or character traits. Astrology is used to forecast particular events or gain insight into ones personality.

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Astrology chart

How to get more Accurate Horoscopes

This article provides clarity about how to get more accurate horoscopes.  Astrology Horoscopes have been in use for centuries by all kinds of people to make major personal life choices as well as matters affecting other people’s lives. They do not only inform you about your destiny but let you understand the reason behind your life experiences. Additionally, using another person’s horoscope, you can know whether you are compatible or not. This will aid you in finding a partner either for marriage or business.

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Natal Chart Birthday Astrology Readings

Birthday astrology readings are also known as natal chart readings.  The 12 signs of the Zodiac are a magnificent discovery that our ancestors left for us thousands of years ago. They were a way of determining the likelihood of certain types of events occurring.  This is based on the alignment of the planets and arrangements of stars in the night sky.

One limitation of  star sign readings is that they’re a generalization of everyone across each particular star sign. This types of readings are usually found in newspapers and magazines.  Because they are general, they will not be accurate for everyone.

That’s where birthday or natal astrology comes in.

To really experience the benefits of astrology and the star signs.  It would be better to get your own personal birthday astrology reading.

We’re sure that’s why you’re here. In-fact you can even download a free birthday astrology reading at the end of this article.  But first you should read this article to ensure you understand what these readings are about.  There are two things that many first-timers overlook when deciding to get a reading. These two things can help improve a birthday astrology reading.

You very likely know what the first of these two are.  And as for the second one, you likely have a rough idea what it is, but it would be better if you had a more specific knowledge of it.

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Astrology zodiac chart

Astrology Chart Explained

An astrology chart is very popular for personality readings as they give highly accurate results.  Plus they can represent many aspects of life which are of importance in astrological readings.  An astrology chart is based on the universe map with the person or object to be studied placed at the center. In order to gain the required level of insight into a person’s potential and personality, an astrology chart must be constructed based on the time as well as the location in which the particular person was born. This implies that astrology charts are highly diverse and is very rare for different people to share similar aspects when it comes to development of the charts.  Below is an illustration of an astrology chart:

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Personalized reading

Astrology Report

Increase your self-awareness and know your role in the universe via an astrology report.

Being aware of the universe is starting to mean more than just some gibberish from a weirdly dressed woman who seems to be spinning stories to keep you around. It is fast becoming the basis of public consciousness all over the globe. ‘As above so below’ is a saying that has gained popularity and credibility as well. Astrology connects the movement of the planets in the solar system that we find ourselves in with the daily happenings in our individual and collective lives. An astrology report can help you find your way when you are faced with troubling or stressful emotions. Also by looking at your past, present and future the report can help you come up with a sound decision when your mind is clouded by the sheer magnitude of your choices.

An astrology report can illuminate possibilities that were hidden to you while reminding you that you are a unique strand in the fabric of life. You realize that in this moment in time you are connected to a grand plan that was devised eons before you got here it will continue after you are gone. If you still don’t know whether you need an astrology report here is why you do.  Please click here for an astrology report example for the singer Adele.

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