Astrology vs psychic readings – Advantages and Disadvantages

This article astrology vs psychic readings tries to compare major differences between the two.  Many people assume these two disciplines are the same.

What are astrology readings?

Astrology vs psychic readings, what is the difference? Before I answer this question, I first want to explain the principles behind astrology.

You may know astrology more for its star signs in newspapers and magazines.  They claim to describe your personality depending on when you were born, or be able to predict your future.  Some people will match these readings, while others may not.  This leads people to become skeptical of astrologers.

The sun moves through 12 zodiac signs (also known as constellations) during one seasonal year.  Whatever zodiac sign the sun is in at the time of your birth, will be your star sign.  The reason why star signs are not always correct is because the description is generalized for all people born under that star sign.  A professional astrologer such as myself also takes into account the moon, planets and asteroids at the time of your birth.

An interpretation is carried out on the position of these points at the exact time and place of your birth.  This means every person on the planet is born with a unique configuration of planets in the sky, which also means a unique and personalised interpretation.  My aim as an astrologer is to translate the position of these planets at the time of your birth, into meaningful facts about your personality and life as accurately as possible.

What do astrology readings offer?

Astrology readings are based on calculations, methodology and statistical data throughout thousands of years.  The more statistical data that is collected, the more accurate astrology becomes.  A good analogy of this is weather forecasts, where more statistical data increases the accuracy of weather forecasts.

  • Good for accurate personality readings.  These types of readings can give details of why a person behaves the way they do, and what kind of events may have shaped their personality.
  • Good for readings of a predictive nature.  These types of readings provide customers with an insight into future events.

What are Psychic readings?

The English Cambridge dictionary defines a psychic as “a person who has a special mental ability, for example being able to know what will happen in the future or what people are thinking”

I believe psychics have a natural ability to understand human psychology, and able to analyse peoples behavioral traits.  This means a good psychic could accurately judge your character without even speaking to you, they are great at observing and understanding the actions of others.

However, there are also psychics known as mediums.  These types of psychics also acquire information from the spirit world.  They are called mediums because personal messages are passed between the spirit to an individual via the  psychic medium.

Psychic mediums sometimes use tools to help interpret messages from the spirit world, such as the use of tarot cards.  Psychic readings are very popular and done face to face and online.

Astrology vs psychic readings

What do psychic readings offer?

Psychic medium readings provide an individual with evidence or a message from the spirit world.  Receiving a message from a loved one that has passed away is comforting.  Also the message a person receives can be surprisingly accurate and personal.

Astrology vs psychic readings – The Differences?

Astrology is the only form  of occult or divination that uses accurate numerical data to interpret or forecast a situation.  There are very detailed rules to astrology, anyone can learn them.  However intuition is also needed to provide readings with higher accuracy.

Astrology  has been practiced by humans throughout history.  We have always gazed at the stars in wonder, and is still fascinating to this day.  There are many form of divination such as numerology, tarot card and online psychic readings.  However, astrology is the closest to be accepted by science.  Possibly because science still has its own unanswered questions, what’s beyond our observable universe? Why did the big bang happen?, Where did life come from?, Does life have meaning? just to name a few.

The progression of science has improved astrology techniques.  Positions of the sun, moon and planets can now be calculated to the nearest second!  This also includes their positions in the future.

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