Astrology Planets in Leo Sign

Below are natal chart interpretations for planets in Leo sign. It is the 5th sign of the Zodiac. Leo is a sign that rules things like fun, children, courage, boisterousness and authority. Therefore, Leo traits will be applied to any planet which falls within this Zodiac sign.

Mercury in Leo Sign

You are enthusiastic and have very strong will power. You have a one-track mind, which focuses on only one thing at a time. You enjoy learning, but only about subjects that generally interest you. You may have a particular interest in the stock market, theatre, or art. You are slow to make decisions, and don’t like changing your mind once you have decided upon something; some people may see this as stubborn.

Often you speak passionately and enthusiastically which makes you good at story telling, and persuading others to your ideas. Also, you are good at seeing the big picture, but may overlook the small details. Creativity is especially important to you.

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Venus in Leo Sign

You are a warm-hearted, fun-loving person who craves attention. You’re very sociable and love being the center of attention at parties, and other social gatherings. When it comes to love, you are a natural romantic. If you are female, you enjoy being taken out, and treated special. If you are male, you enjoy taking partners to special places.

There must be drama and excitement when it comes to romance otherwise you become bored. You are threatened by a relationship that appears to have settled too much, or one that’s lost its spark. Also, you need to feel proud of a partner and respect who they are for you to like them. Once settled down with someone, you are an extremely stable and loyal partner. Any break ups of relationships are likely to end very bitter. You are a lover of children.

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Mars in Leo Sign

There is much energy and confidence in the way you express yourself that gets people’s attention. You love being the center of attention, and will do whatever it takes to be recognized and appreciated. Also, you are extremely opinionated, which may result in making enemies.

When it comes to sex, you enjoy much drama and excitement. Being fairly easy to arouse, you enjoy sex more than most, but you do need love and romance to go with it. You like to express your sexuality by being very affectionate and dramatic. An ideal partner needs to be very loyal and pay a lot of attention to you; otherwise you will probably lose interest. Sometimes you can be jealous and possessiveness in relationships.

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Jupiter in Leo Sign

You have great optimism, self confidence, and generosity. Be careful not to get carried away with gambling, as this is part of your nature. This includes any form of gambling such as horses, cards, investing, etc. You may also have a love of children.

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Saturn in Leo Sign

Achieving personal recognition is important to you, but expressing the creative talent that’s hidden inside is difficult. You may have unreasonably high expectations for yourself and for those around you. If you have children, you are likely to be very strict with them. Children may be viewed as somewhat restrictive or a burden. You may have a tendency to gamble.

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Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and Leo

These interpretations are not usually needed for natal charts, due to the slow speed of these planets.

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